Just 9 of the most ridiculous storylines that happened on One Tree Hill.

WARNING: This post contains several spoilers from the noughties TV series One Tree Hill that you will not be able to recover from.

That said, One Tree Hill came out in 2003, so we really can’t be held responsible for spoiling a show that’s been out for 20 years.

Moving on.

As mentioned, it’s been 20 years since One Tree Hill first graced our TV screens.

The series about feuding half-brothers from opposite sides of the tracks and their high school lives in the small but unrealistically dramatic town of Tree Hill, North Carolina, will go down as one of the best teen dramas in history.

Sorry, but if you didn’t have the One Tree Hill opening credits song stuck in your head for your adolescent years, were you even a OTH fan?! Post continues after video.

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One Tree Hill and all its NINE SEASONS gave us so much. Okay, the show should’ve ended after season six, but nevertheless, our own teenage existences would’ve been bland and loveless without the likes of Lucas and Nathan Scott, Peyton Sawyer, Haley James Scott, Brooke Davis, Mouth and Skillz, just to name a few.



We’ve got to have a chat about some of the One Tree Hill storylines that made absolutely no sense.

From the time a 17-year-old (and married!!) Haley wagged high school for seven months to go on a music tour by herself, to that other time Peyton somehow managed a fully licensed club while she was still a teenager, let’s recap the nine most ridiculous storylines to come out of One Tree Hill.

1. When Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and Peyton hooked up.

SHE'S TOO YOUNG FOR YOU PETE. Image: Warner Brothers.

Aside from being nonsensical, adult male Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy making out with Peyton, A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, was highly inappropriate.


It just wouldn't happen today.

2. When Psycho Derek kidnapped Peyton and Brooke on prom night.

Peyton, it was obvious this guy wasn't your brother the moment he first said hello. Image: Warner Brothers.

The whole storyline of how psycho Derek wormed his way into Peyton's life by pretending to be her brother, but all the while having a secret shrine of her and kidnapping Brooke and Peyton on prom night was completely ridiculous.

Also, not to take anything away from Brooke and Peyton, but it's a miracle they made it out of that alive AND rocked up to prom covered in blood.


3. When “crazy” Nanny Carrie tried to break up Nathan and Haley before trying to kill Nathan's dad Dan.


One Tree Hill had a lot of psychopaths, but the most infamous one had to be “crazy” Nanny Carrie.

When Carrie joined the cast as Nathan and Haley's son Jamie's nanny, she seemed like a lovey lady. Then, she tried to split Nathan and Haley up, and when that didn't work, she went on to run over Nathan's horrible dad Dan with her car, and torture him in a makeshift hospital in the middle of nowhere dressed up as a nurse.



4. How Peyton managed a bar while being a high school student.

Guys, shouldn't you be at school? Image: Warner Brothers.

In season two, Peyton comes up with the idea for an all-ages nightclub and music venue called Tric.

Sorry, but show me a teenager with enough spare time to run a nightclub while living at home alone, trying to get to school on time, finishing homework, handing in assignments, maintaining good enough grades to get into uni, managing a vibrant a social life and have a relationship.


5. How hugely successful bands came to a tiny town to perform at a tiny music venue run by teenagers.


As Tric's music director, Peyton managed to score performances from a bunch of very successful artists including Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco...

...Which was great for Peyton, but again, how did these very busy and important musicians come to play gigs in a small town at a club mostly run by teenagers?

6. When Haley and Nathan got married when they were in Year 10.


Again, good on Nathan and Haley, but getting married in the Australian school system's version of Year 10? Really?!

7. How Haley left school for months to go on a music tour, but still managed to become class valedictorian.

haley one tree hill
GO BACK TO SCHOOL HALEY. Image: Warner Brothers.

Then there was the time Haley, STILL A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, cheated on her husband, also a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, with a rockstar, then decided to wag school for several months to go on tour with him.

And even after all of that, she somehow managed to be her graduating class' valedictorian. No one's grades are that good.

8. How all of the main characters somehow managed to be wildly successful straight out of university.

No one looks this put together straight out of uni. Image: Warner Brothers.

Again, not to sound bitter or take anything away from these characters' success. BUT it's highly unlikely that within a group of friends from high school, all of them would become very successful, and rich, straight out of university.

While the rest of us applied for 1,897,748 jobs online, Lucas was an award-winning novelist, Nathan an NBA player, Haley a successful singer, Peyton a record label owner, and Brooke a millionaire fashion designer.


9. When a dog ate Dan's heart.

Remember the time Dan was dying and needed a heart transplant, then when they finally found a donor heart, the guy from the transplant team dropped it and a very cute doggo ate it?


Case closed.

Did you watch One Tree Hill? Which is your favourite 90s/00s teen TV show?

This article was originally published in 2019 and has since been updated.

Feature image: The CW.

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