The grieving mother of a one-punch victim has shared a warning to young men.

It’s one of those stories with no winners. Just sad, awful regret.

Perth father-of-four John Spicer, 31, was out drinking with his best mate Blake Hillin, 32, earlier this month.

It was Friday, December 9 — likely just like any other Friday night. The end of the working week. The weekend ahead. The weather getting warmer and questions about Christmas.

Except the pair argued. They started to fight. And, as too often happens when it’s young men and alcohol and the night is too far gone, one of Hillin’s punches found the wrong mark. Spicer fell to the ground and hit his head. He died in hospital three days later, on December 12.

John Spicer and his family. Image: GoFundMe

Spicer’s mother, Paula Symons, has told the Daily Mail she doesn’t blame Hillin for her son’s death. She wants the charges against him dropped.


"It was a simple tragic accident. No one is to blame, so blaming Blake is not going to bring my son back," she said.

"We have been in contact and I understand he is not in a very good way. We want him to know we are here for him, it's not right he is being charged."

Symons also issued a warning to young men: stories like this, stories with no winners, can too easily happen.

"Don’t think that it’s not going to happen to you, because it can. It can all turn around in one second," she said. "

When you've had a few drinks, it's time to go home. Just stop and think, this could happen to anyone."

Remembering John Spicer. Image via Paula Symons' Facebook.

Spicer and his partner Ava were set to be married in Bali in April, 2017. He leaves behind four children. His funeral, held last Wednesday, saw people turn up in board shorts, tee shirts, jeans. “You knew John, please don’t wear black,” the announcement read.

As for Spicer's children — Symons' grandchildren — she said they were writing to Santa wishing for their father’s return.

“[Indy] said she had been a very good girl and all she wanted for Christmas was her dad to come home," she said.

"We're just taking it day by day. It probably hasn’t sunk in. I keep wanting to wake up and discover it was a bad dream."

Feature image via the Go Fund Me page dedicated to Spicer's family. 


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