Angelee was trying on swimmers. When she looked down, she was horrified.

Angelee, 22, was trying on a swimsuit at retailer, H&M, when she looked down in shock.

At first, her tropical-print, one-piece swim suit didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary. But then Angelee noticed a distinct rogue palm sprouting from her erm… ‘lady bits’.

You can see for yourself below:

one piece swimsuit
Well this is unfortunate, isn't it? Image: supplied.

Speaking to Mamamia, Angelee said she tried on a few swimsuits in various sizes, but it was just this one that had unfortunate print placement.

"I sent it to a few close friends and they found it funny," she said.

"Whenever I try something on, I always get two to three pieces of the same thing. Often in H&M, the position of the prints for the clothes are always different and some look prettier than others."

However, it wasn't until she absentmindedly shared her photo on Bored Panda - on a thread which featured similar design fails, that she realised her mistake.

“Aren’t you suppose to trim up before you wear a bathing suit?” joked one user.

“Keeping it ‘au natural’ Nothing wrong with that!” wrote another.

"There's a bush in the trees," commented someone else.

However, after her photo was picked up by other media publications - one which used her full name without her consent, Angelee started getting several unwanted friend requests and messages from strangers.


"I gave them consent to use my the swimsuit photo (pictured), and I didn't want them to include my name. But then they used my graduation photo and showed my full name and identity," she said, speaking about what she believes to be a breach in trust.

"[My name] was exposed and people from Australia kept adding me.

"There are already creeps from different parts of the world sending me friend requests."

As a result, the 22-year-old has changed her name on Facebook and set her other social media channels to 'private'. She sees this as a lesson in privacy in the age of social media.

"I live in the Philippines and get a lot of uncomfortable and weird messages, but I think it's creepy for people to add me after seeing that post. After seeing my name," she said.

Have you ever had any memorably swim wear fails? Share them in a comment below!

Speaking of social media, we're calling this the 'Seven Stages of Social Media Outrage,' would you agree?

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