One in five children in this little girl’s country doesn’t live past the age of five. Still opposed to Madonna adopting her?

Forgive me for posting about this twice in two days. Skip this post if you're bored by the topic. I'll try not to repeat myself. But gosho, I'm pissed.

I gave myself a headache yesterday. That's how incensed I was at all those people sitting at home in their lovely houses with their running water, fridges full of food, loving families and comfortable beds declaring their concern about Mercy being adopted by Madonna for reasons of "cultural imperialism" and quibbling over whether or not Madonna may have not gone through "the correct channels" and tut-tutting that her age or her divorced status or the fact she has a nanny should disqualify her FROM SAVING THE LIFE of an orphan.
Are people on crack? No seriously, are they?
Read this story about the facts surrounding this adoption and then imagine you are a 4 year old girl who has lived your whole life in a crappy third world orphanage and were being offered the chance to be rescued from a life of unimagineable hardship, deprivation, loneliness and probable early death.
Now imagine pampered people on the other side of the world were nit-picking about whether it would be 'better' for you to stay where you are. And if you still can find it in your heart to deny this little girl the chance to be adopted?
Well, good luck sleeping at night.

Maybe put your hand in your OWN pocket and go here to sponsor a child rather than bitching about Madonna.

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