Want to try hot yoga but need to dip your toe in first? Try this class.

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There are a few things you should know about me.

1. I’m mad for exercise – or any activity that requires leggings (lounging and ‘The Floor is Lava’ included). 2. I’m really good at judging which leaf will be the crunchiest to step on. 3. I sweat. Easily and a lot.

It should therefore come as no surprise that I was conflicted about Sydney’s new opening, One Hot Yoga & Pilates.

Sure, I love yoga, but what of the sweat?

Thankfully, OHY&P offer a slightly cooler, 27 degree class as an alternative to the blistering 40 degrees/40 per cent humidity of Bikram, which usually sees attendees clutching at frozen water bottles and stripping down to their knickers.

This class also offers more intermediate moves and levels, something not offered in Bikram.

Image: Supplied.


The guys at OHY&P have allayed all hot yoga novices’ fears. From the moment you walk through the doors, to the moment they pry you away from the soft towels and billowing curtains (just like a Celine Dion video) you’re taken care of.

OHY&P have spared no expense establishing this “Yes, it’s hot, but we’re pretty chill” vibe. The two main classes on offer are Power Flow (27 degrees) and their not-quite Bikram class, Slow Hot Flow (37 degrees). There are other varieties including Grow Your Flow (for those keen on the next level) and Yin for meditation.

Don’t feel like pretzeling on a weekend? The Pilates studios are just as nice, kitted out with reformer beds and heated to 21 degrees (Reformer Pilates) or 27 degrees (Hot Mat Pilates). In case you were wondering, an intelligent, fancy pants, fresh air system ensures a consistent flow of temperature. (Post continues after gallery.)

At this stage you’re probably thinking, “This sounds pretty good, but have you noticed she hasn’t mentioned the sweat factor?” You got me, here it is.

The heat and sweat are undeniable learning curves. You want to mop your locks and wipe your eyes but once you commit to the workout, avoid your reflection and embrace the fact your mat has become a sweaty, fake tan swamp, heated yoga takes out top spot (next to sleeping in, of course).

Classes at OHY&P have a different feeling to high-intensity workouts like RPM or boxing; your heart rate rises slow and steady and heated rooms allow muscles to become pliant and strong in equal measure.

I like to think it’s this difference which allowed me to master a side arm stand - a first and something I attribute to the relaxing of my perpetually tight hip flexors.

Get ready to add to the 19 million or so #yoga tags on the ol’ Insta. After all, hot yoga is a stress reliever, aids pain management and regulates emotions – so you’ll be happy as Larry and ready to ‘gram the flip out of your sweaty self the moment you walk out.

Have you tried hot yoga?