FLUFF: Australian actress gets to play Elsa from Frozen.

And you thought we’d run out of things to tell you about the movie Frozen.


Now we’ve got news that Australian actress Georgina Haig will play Frozen’s Queen Elsa in the TV show Once Upon a Time.

Let’s check the likeness:

Yep. Solid.

She will join Greek star Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff and newcomer Elizabeth Lail as Anna in season four of the show, which screens on Channel Seven here in Australia.

You might remember Haig from such films as The Sapphires and Road Kill, and as Paula Yates in the INXS: Never Tear Us Apart miniseries. She is currently appearing in US TV show Reckless.

The fantasy show announced that they would be adding the cast of Frozen to their ranks after the film reached viral popularity over the Christmas break.

Alas, this does mean that Anna Faith, the ‘Elsa of Instagram‘, did not make the cut, despite her commendable social media campaign to be considered for the role.

Did we really need an ‘Elsa’ in a show that focuses on traditional fairytales? Could we have just had a ‘Snow Queen’?

Who cares. Let’s all Let It Go and be happy in our frozen hearts that for the first time in forever an Australian is playing a character in Frozen. And, so what if in summer we realise it’s a bit of a fixer-upper? Love is an open door. And for the first time in forever (reprise) we might actually watch this show because reindeers are better than people and we wanna build a snowman.

Onya Frozen. Onya Australia.

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