Olivia Wilde's latest gym selfie has us all cheering.

Alright, alright: be honest.

Who goes an alarming shade of red after a workout? Like, not just a sweet, ladylike blush – but the colour of someone having a heart attack?

Well, if you do, we have good news…you’re not alone.

Hollywood actress and generally sexy lady Olivia Wilde posted a gym selfie this week, and she looks buggered as she battles an intense shade of beetroot red.

In fact, she described this shade as “holy-f*ck-magenta.” Mmm. Yes. We know that feeling.

Wilde had just finished a gym session with trainer to the stars, Tracy Anderson, and was sneaking a classic locker room selfie on her way out.

The mum-of-two was also showing off some prettttyyy impressive arm muscles – maybe inspired by her Coretta Scott King post of a few days earlier?


“Nothing cooler than a conspicuous locker room selfie,” Wilde captioned the pic, “but I needed to document the exact shade of holy-f*ck-magenta my face turns after getting my ass kicked at @tracyandersonmethod. I’m like a tomato with a human torso that is slowly but surely recovering from popping out a ten pound kiwi.”

Wait, what?

We’re not sure about that analogy, but we ARE sure that we’ve had that feeling before. (We think.)