Olivia Wilde posted an innocent photo of baby outfits and her fans are furious.

When Olivia Wilde shared photos of cute baby onesies with her two million followers, she probably didn’t predict the all-out brawl that would result.

The Rush star, who welcomed her second child, a daughter Daisy, to husband Jason Sudeikis on October 11, posted an image of the teeny outfits on Monday morning. Emblazoned across the front of each read, “The future is female” and “And though she be but little, she is fierce”.

When it comes to the bite-sized outfits, one thing’s for sure: her fans are very, very divided.

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“Where did you get these? I want one for my daughter!” some ask, while others accuse the 32-year-old star of being “non-progressive”.

“Are you just going to assume your babies gender? How non-progressive of you. Shame [sic],” writes one commenter, while another remarks: “This is DISGUSTING.”

 "Where did you get these? I want one for my daughter!" (Images: Instagram/Olivia Wilde)

"The future needs to be 'People'!!" a third angry follower added. "Not 'female', not one gender or race over another. Love, empathy, improve communication and cooperation, This is what the future should be. Anything else is merely a step backwards."

During the US Presidential election, Wilde was vocally opposed to now President-elect Donald Trump, and actually used her frustration with his campaign to announce Daisy's sex on Twitter.

The reproductive rights advocate also retweeted pro-Hillary sentiments in the final weeks of campaigning, and has spoken at length about raising her three-year-old son Otis to become "a little feminist".

While Wilde is likely juggling the demands of a newborn and a toddler, her followers continue to clash in the comments section of her Instagram page.

"Yes! A matriarchal society is what we need namiste my friend [sic]," writes one, to the reply: "The future is equal. Why can't we just say and agree to that. Sides are conflicts. I vote equality."

Where do you stand - do you like Olivia Wilde's choice of outfits for her daughter, or do you think they play into the politics of division?

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