Olivia Wilde is perfectly frank about her post-baby body.

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Last week, Drew Barrymore’s candid comments about her body after giving birth to two children put a grin on our faces.

Now, actress Olivia Wilde has followed suit in a hilarious interview with Shape. Despite looking every bit the Hollywood star on the magazine’s cover, Wilde insists she’s “not in perfect shape” following the birth of her first child, Otis, in April last year.

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“In fact, I’m softer than I’ve ever been, including that unfortunate semester in high school when I simultaneously discovered Krispy Kreme and pot,” she admits.

Wilde with her son Otis in 2014

Have we ever mentioned we love this woman, particularly for her wicked sense of humour? Despite being worth millions and having her face on a magazine, the 31-year-old remains completely relatable.

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"I loved being pregnant. I felt unapologetically curvy, sexy, and intensely feminine. After giving birth I joined the ranks of millions of new mothers when I moaned, 'Why do I still look pregnant?'" Wilde, who is engaged to Saturday Night Live star Jason Sudeikis, recalls. (Post continues after gallery.)

"For a couple of weeks after you pop that sucker out, you are the walking wounded. That gorgeous bump you paraded around town for some 40 weeks has only retreated slightly after the birth. Now it's a lot like a partially deflated pool toy."

This, this right here, is refreshing in itself. Usually, celebrity mums would have you believe their stomach returns to rock-hard tautness the moment that baby is ejected, thanks to those all-too-common 'Here I am parading my post-baby body with my baby on my hip after losing half my body weight!' magazine spreads.

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For any mums (or indeed, non-mums) who are curious about Wilde's fitness regimen, she says pilates and spin classes were her go-to up until the latter stages of her pregnancy, and now she takes dance classes. (Post continues after gallery.)

But the Her star also owns up to the fact she's a human being who needs to eat food, and not just the 'green smoothies/organic chia seed blend/water hand-delivered from an Alpine stream' spiel we're used to hearing from famous types.

"I like beer. And pizza. And these two ingredients are not found in the purely fictional book I like to call How To Look Like You Never Made a Human: A Guide To Socially Acceptable Motherhood'," Wilde says, absolutely nailing it in the process.

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Hear that, society? You can take those unrealistic expectations of mums and shove them. In the meantime, we'll be raising a glass (of beer, natch) to Ms Olivia Wilde.

What was your experience of pregnancy, and how did you feel about your body afterwards?