Reports: Olivia Newton-John's missing ex is living it up in Mexico.

It’s been more than a decade since Olivia Newton John’s ex-partner Patrick McDermott disappeared overboard during a fishing trip, but new reports suggest he’s finally been found.

It’s possible he was hiding out in Mexico this whole time, that is, according to private investigator Philip Klein who claims to have tracked him down.

“Patrick’s probably now working in the yachting industry for a high-profile family down there,” he told Woman’s Day.

For those who aren’t familiar with the story, it has all the makings of a daytime soap opera. Partner of the famous actress — in a tight spot financially — vanishes under suspicious circumstances. Famous actress grieves, moves on, remarries.

All the while the media speculates furiously, conspiracy theories abound as investigators scour the globe. Eleven years pass and then he’s spotted, allegedly living it up in the isolated Mexican village of Sayulita (also the location where the American TV show Bachelor in Paradise was filmed. Coincidence?) .

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The very attractive village of Sayulita. Image: Wikipedia

It would sound unbelievable, if not for multiple other reports placing the missing 59-year-old in Central America.

A Dateline special in 2009, which also featured Klein, claimed over 20 separate sightings of the one-time Hollywood cameraman in the region.

An earlier detective on the case, John Nazarian, corroborated his story, suggesting McDermott may also have moved on with a German girlfriend.


“It’s rumoured he was with a German national,” Nazarian told the magazine.

“I spoke to people there [in Mexico]. The girl he was travelling with was described as having a German accent. To come up with the conclusion that he fell off the boat, and allegedly no one saw him fall off the boat, is the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Private Investigator Philip Klein on Inside Edition:

Video via Inside Edition

Here’s the thing: not one of the 22 passengers who where on the fishing trip with McDermott in 2005 saw him go overboard.

A distressed Newton-John was the first to report him missing after he failed to turn up to a family gathering.

The couple had been together for nine years and at Newton-John’s behest, authorities began an exhaustive hunt for McDermott.

Theories at the time ranged from self-harm to accident — it wasn’t until two months later it was revealed he had likely faked his own death.

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Olivia Newton-John has since moved on with husband John Easterling. Image: Getty

Shortly before disappearing, McDermott filed for bankruptcy due to unpaid debts totalling more than $30,000, including $8000 owed to his ex-wife for child support.

Investigators also found he had withdrawn his life’s savings and sourced himself a second passport under his Korean birth name Patrick Kim.

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