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1. Ummm. Miss Universe Australia Olivia Molly Rogers was just picked apart over her bikini body and seriously?

It’s 2020 and one thing’s for certain, no one should have to deal with body-shaming.

Unfortunately, former Miss Universe Australia, Olivia Molly Rogers, has been picked apart over her bikini body, after posting a photo of her relaxing by the pool while on a holiday.

“Poolside in Perth with all the essentials. Sunscreen, hat, sunnies & rosé (ft. some blotchy fake tan),” Olivia captioned the post.

Sadly, after sharing the photo Olivia received a comment from a faceless person on the internet. They demanded that she take the photo down because apparently, in their unsolicited opinion, Olivia was “too fat to be on Instagram”… which is absolutely ridiculous.


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Poolside in Perth with all the essentials. Sunscreen, hat, sunnies & rosé (ft. some blotchy fake tan).

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Olivia called out the troll on her Instagram story as a reminder of how hurtful body-shaming can be.

“People who comment things like that are a big part of the reason young girls develop issues with their weight and bodies,” she wrote.

“They are a big part of the reason I had an eating disorder for 6+ years.

“I am a size 8 which usually is irrelevant to the conversation, but if I am being called fat as a size 8, imagine your size 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 woman and the comments they receive.”


Olivia, who celebrated her 2017 Miss Universe Australia win with champagne and a Big Mac, has always been vocal about women’s health issues including her own.

After the post, Olivia’s account was flooded with body-positive messages from women who, like us, won’t stand for any form of body-shaming.

“After a nasty little troll said some awful things about my body, literally hundreds of you messaged me with the kindest, most beautiful words. I am so grateful for every single one of you. It was the best thing to be reminded that for one nasty human there are SO many amazing humans & I am so thankful that I have that kind of support. F*** the haters!” Olivia wrote. 

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2. Russell Crowe just opened up about missing the Golden Globes to protect his home from bushfires.

When Russell Crowe won the Golden Globe Award for ‘Best Actor in a Limited Series Or Movie Made For Television’ for his role in The Loudest Voice, fellow actress, Jennifer Aniston, read out his acceptance speech.


“Make no mistake. The tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate change-based,” she said on his behalf.

“We need to act based on science, move our global workforce to renewable energy and respect our planet for the unique and amazing place it is.”


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Instead of attending the awards ceremony, the 55-year-old was at his 400-hectare farm in NSW’s Nana Glen which was badly burnt in the November bushfires. Speaking to Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa, Crowe spoke about the ordeal and his decision to use his acceptance speech as a platform to talk about climate change.

“It seemed to have a really good effect on the night and ongoing positive effect in terms of galvanising global understanding of what’s happening here and that’s immeasurable in the amount of money that started to shift towards the people who are raising money toward the RFS etc. So it was great in that perspective,” he said.

“I was standing on the farm on the balcony and my oldest son tapped me on the shoulder and says ‘Dad come here for a second. You know you just won a Golden Globe’. Standing on the farm not giving a sh*t about whatever else was going on but it was an incredible thing.”


Although his property was damaged, the Gladiator actor admits it was lucky they were prepared.

“We got smashed but we got really lucky as well,” he said.

“It just so happens that this year in April I said ‘I’m not sure if we’re fire ready at the moment. Let’s have a look at all of our systems’, so we pulled out all of our water pumps and one of them was completely seized. We took out a whole block of trees and it just so happens that every single area that we’d done work on that’s where the fire hit.

“We had 75-foot flames above the house. It’s kind of apocalyptic. At one point the fire was stopped and it went through the bush and came back again from another direction if we hadn’t taken the trees out we would have had a catastrophic loss.”


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My place 10 weeks ago after the fire had gone through, and this morning after a big weekend of rain.

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Sharing a photo of his farm before and after this weekend’s burst of rain, the transformation was incredible.

“My place 10 weeks ago after the fire had gone through, and this morning after a big weekend of rain,” read his caption, which showed a photo of his property right after the fires and the greenery and vegetation that has since flourished.


Here’s to hoping the recovery continues.

3. Oh. Apparently Rihanna has split with her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel.

After keeping her relationship rather private over three years, Us Weekly have reported that Rihanna and Saudi boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, are no longer together.

Whilst Rihanna kept her billionaire boyfriend from the spotlight, in a profile for Interview magazine in June 2019, the star revealed that she was “of course” in love.

Rihanna at the Fashion Awards in December 2019. Image: Getty

"Of course I am," she said, before being asked whether or not she would be getting married.

"Only God knows that, girl. We plan and God laughs, right?"

Both 31-year-old Jameel and Rihanna are yet to address the rumours, so we have no choice but to wait for possible incoming break-up anthems for a hint.

4. Joaquin Phoenix paid tribute to Heath Ledger at the SAG Awards and we're feeling all the emotions.

Joaquin Phoenix received the 'Most Outstanding Performance By A Male Actor In A Leading Role' at the SAG Awards this year and his acceptance speech really struck a chord with us.

Phoenix, who received the award for his role in Joker, nailed his acceptance speech, graciously commending each nominee for the award.

He thanked Taron Edgerton and Adam Driver, stating that they deserved to be there and he couldn't wait to see more from them.

Joaquin Phoenix at the SAG Awards. Image: Getty.
Joaquin Phoenix at the SAG Awards. Image: Getty.

Of Christian Bale, Phoenix joked: "You never turn in a bad performance, and it's infuriating... I wish you would. Just suck once."

But perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of all came as the 45-year-old wrapped up his speech.

"I'm standing here on the shoulders of my favourite actor, Heath Ledger," he said, referring to the fact that he was receiving same award Ledger received 11 years earlier.

Excuse us while we go cry over in the corner.

5. OK... no comment. But we all need to look at these seven photos of Jen and Brad.

Excuse me.

Not to be dramatic… but this is the moment we’ve been waiting all awards season for.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston just reunited backstage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and their reunion WAS PHOTOGRAPHED.

The former couple, who divorced in 2005 after long being considered a rare Hollywood marriage success story, were seen together backstage after Pitt won an award for his supporting role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

And, look, no comment… but you really need to look at all the photos:

brad pitt jennifer aniston
EXCUSE ME. Image: Getty.
brad pitt jennifer aniston
LOOK AT THEM. Image: Getty.

For even more photos and of Brad and Jen's reunion plus Jen's reaction to Brad's acceptance speech, read our earlier article here.

Feature Image: Instagram/@oliviamollyrogers

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