Does the story behind this celebrity wedding dress make you angry?

There's nothing that can bring out the worst in people more than critiquing another person's wedding

'Those shoes looked tacky! The flowers were cheap! The venue has seen better days!'

This is who we are! But when it comes to the bride's dress, people can be especially cruel. From Victoria Beckham to Pamela Anderson, women can't catch a break when it comes to the negative responses garnered over how they choose to dress for (need I remind you) their own special day. 

The latest celebrity who has found herself at the centre of controversy is Olivia Culpo. 

But who is Olivia Culpo? She is an American model and former Miss Universe winner who just got married to NFL star, Christian McCaffrey, in a lavish Rhode Island ceremony. The wedding has come and gone but it was the bride's comments about her dress that are still lingering in the air aka the internet. 

Oh, here's the dress by the way. The custom Dolce & Gabbana design featured a high-neck, full-length sleeves, and a voluminous ball gown. Naturally! 


In an interview with Vogue, Culpo described her choice of dress in an err... curious way.

Culpo said she "didn’t want it to exude sex in any way, shape, or form," for her wedding dress. "I wanted it to feel effortless and as if it’s complimenting me, not overpowering me. There’s so much beauty and simplicity."

She continued, "When I think about Christian and what he loves and the moments that he thinks that I’m most beautiful, it’s absolutely in something like this: timeless, covered and elegant," she said. 

"I wanted something that felt as serious as that commitment."

Listen to The Spill hosts discuss why people are really so angry about Olivia Culpo's dress.   

The model also revealed that for the special day, she opted to not wear mascara or makeup on her eyebrows or lip liner.  

This collection of commentary did not go over well online. 

The criticism on TikTok directed at Olivia Culpo's wedding comments.

As soon as Olivia's Vogue interview began to spread, people were quick to highlight the problematic undertones of some of her words. 


In one of the most viewed TikToks about the controversy, wedding content creator and stylist Kennedy Bingham (@gowneyedgirl on TikTok), shared her thoughts. 

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"If I were to just look at the dress, I would see a beautiful bride in a beautiful, simple, elegant dress… But it's all the stuff surrounding the dress that leaves kind of a bitter aftertaste," she said. 

"The way that [Culpo] was talking about this went beyond just wanting something modest for herself, and pushing this idea of what she thinks all brides should look like."

Kennedy went on to highlight how women have been sexualised for centuries — no matter how much fabric covers their bodies. 

"It has been documented that it does not matter what women wear, they will be sexualised if someone wants to sexualise them. So to treat this [as a] 'sexless' design is really odd to me," she added. 

Bingham went to mentioned that the dress is further complicated by Culpo collaborating with designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who have been hit with accusations of homophobia and racism over the years. 

“It’s very clear that this was not a wedding. This was a conservative campaign,” she claimed. "You took this disingenuous 'pick me' route that honestly felt more like you were thinking about your narrative than your actual marriage."

The 'pick me girl' accusations continued with people on TikTok taking issue with Olivia noting in the interview that she wasn't wearing mascara, lip liner or any products on her eyebrows. 

@jessweslie #greenscreen #olivaculpo #christianmccaffrey #wedding #fyp ♬ original sound - Jessica Weslie Arena

TikTok user Jessica Wesley Arena called out the model, telling her followers that she suspected Culpo had a lash lift which would mean she didn't need mascara and was likely wearing a lip blush or lipstick. 

What has Olivia Culpo said since the controversy?

Not much! But she did respond to a version of Kennedy's video re-shared on Instagram and she didn't hold back.

"Wow what an absolutely evil person you are," she wrote. 

"I hope no one ever tears you apart in this way because it’s extremely hurtful. I love this dress, and it was everything I wanted and more." 

Her husband echoed her 'evil' categorisation of the TikTokker. "What an evil thing to post online. I hope you can find joy and peace in the world, the way my beautiful wife does," he added.

In response to Jessica's TikTok about her makeup comment, Culpo wrote on the video "It was an interview… they asked me what my makeup was." I mean... fair! 

Olivia has continued to post photos from her wedding, which actually featured multiple dresses, including gown designs that were more revealing. At the after-party, she wore a fitted bodice with a caged skirt, suggesting her conservative values about bridal fashion only applied to her actual wedding dress. 


The comparisons to another celebrity wedding dress.

The timing of this controversy coincidentally lined up with criticism being aimed at a differed woman last week, but this time the celebrity was being accused of wearing too little.

Susan Sarandon's daughter Eva Amurri married chef Ian Hock on Saturday, and the backlash was immediate over what she wore.


The 39-year-old wore a strapless, corseted gown from designer Kim Kassas. It was nothing particularly unusual as far as wedding gowns go, but due to Amurri's larger breasts, people were outraged that she dared to, umm, not cover them up.

"Awful dress!!!! So unflattering! Put them away!" wrote one comment on the People cover story. 

"Beautiful bride, not crazy about the lingerie, I mean bridal gown," wrote another.

Yep, women can't win. 

Whether we're critiquing each other or the call is coming from inside the house like in the case of Olivia Culpo, weddings are stressful enough without the added layer of pressure to fit some predetermined ideal of the 'perfect bride'. 

"I wanted to feel sexy but elegant, and I think the dress strikes the perfect balance,” Amurri told People.

"My biggest goal was to do exactly what we wanted, without feeling any pressure from the outside."

Feature image: Getty. 

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