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1. Oliver Curtis to be sentenced for insider trading.

Public relations guru Roxy Jacenko’s husband Oliver Curtis will find out today if he will be going to jail for a series of insider trading transactions made when he was 21.

Curtis will front the New South Wales Supreme Court at 9.30 this morning to hear the judge's verdict, and will be hoping to avoid a jail sentence.

Sentencing submissions on behalf of Curtis from his family and friends were released to journalists this week and revealed Jacenko had pleaded with the judge to spare Curtis.

Referring to Curtis by his nickname, Oli, Jacenko wrote of a "loving husband" who she said is the "primary caregiver" to the pair's children, Pixie, 4, and Hunter, 2.

"He generally manages the meals for them. He is generally the one who is home to ensure that they have dinner, are bathed and put to bed," she wrote.

"Additionally, it is often the case that Pixie and Hunter are looked after by Oli alone on weekends as my job involves weekend work for various events and clients who require that I am onsite during their appearances or events."

The financier was convicted of conspiracy to commit insider trading in 2007-2008.

2. Perth father who organised pedophile ring to abuse his daughter jailed for 22 years.

A 42-year-old single father from Perth orchestrated a pedophile ring to sexually abuse his daughter. The man, who also abused his daughter himsefl, was sentenced in the Perth District Court on Thursday.

Judge Philip Eaton said his crimes involved a “high degree of depravity and exploitation, and both the prosecutor and Judge Eaton said it was one of the worst examples of child sex abuse to come before the Western Australian courts.

The court heard the man met other men online, placing and answering ads.

Some of the ads he wrote said he was a single dad with a daughter looking for friendship or "modelling opportunities" for his daughter, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The court heard he watched other men have sex with his daughter, and would allow other men to watch while he also abused her. She was sometimes forced to wear bondage gear and videos of the sickening crimes were made.

In one video the girl was clearly struggling to break free from restraints and could be hears telling her father to stop, the court heard.

The man was jailed for 22-and-a-half years.

3. Shots fired as masked Gunman takes hostages at a cinema complex in Germany.

A gunman has been shot and killed by police after opening fire in a cinema complex in Viernheim, near Frankfurt, in Germany.

The masked man entered the cinema complex, taking hostages and brandishing a rifle. He was shot and killed by police following a tense standoff.

No one else was hurt.

A police spokeswoman said police "successively entered the cinema and were able to locate the man and the people he was holding."


“There was a threat situation and the man was then shot dead by a colleague," she said.

It was reported that some hostages suffered the effects of tear gas, and that it was not clear whether the gunman's rifle was functioning properly.

The standoff lasted three hours and police said they did not yet know what the gunman's motives were.


4. British out in droves to vote in "Brexit" referendum.

Torrential rain and  public transport meltdowns have not dampened voter turnout in the British referendum on whether to stay in or leave the European Union.

Polls have just closed in the referendum, with turnout of 70 to 80 percent of voters in Scotland expected, as well as suggestions of high turnout in pro-Brexit areas.

No conclusive results are expected to be available until after 1pm Australian time later today, but stock markets have indicated there's a belief voters will chose to remain in the EU.

Meanwhile, paranoia has swept polling booths with leave campaigners urging voters to use pens, not pencils, to record their votes so that they cannot be changed later.

Polling conducted before the vote predicted a close result, with some breaking for Britain to leave the EU, and others predicting there would be a slim victory for the remain campaign.

Voters are also divided along generational lines with over 60 per cent of young voters wanting to remain in the EU.

5. Anti-Safe Schools propaganda designed to scare parents sent out in marginal Victorian electorates.

Flyers accusing Labor and the Greens of promoting "extreme sex education" by backing the Safe Schools initiative aimed at reducing homophobic bullying  are popping up in marginal electorates in Victoria.


The flyers have reportedly been distributed in Bendigo and other tightly-fought electorates and say Safe Schools encourages boys to use girls bathrooms if they "identify as girls" and claims schools can decide parental consent "is not necessary" if a child wants to undergo gender transitioning.

It says Safe Schools is a program which "sexualises and confuses Aussie kids".

6. Scientists have worked out what causes PMS.

Ever wondered what causes PMS? Well researchers at the University of California, Davis, near San Francisco, think they've cracked it.

They've found a link between premenstrual symptoms, period pain and inflammation.

Most women report at least one symptom of PMS every month, with Monash University reporting the figure at as high as 90 per cent.

The frustrating and often very painful problem includes fluid retention, bloating and weight gain, and while anti-inflammatory drugs are used to ease some premenstrual symptoms, what causes the problem has remained a mystery.

But the American researchers studied almost 3000 women and discovered those with higher levels of a protein linked to inflammation were more likely to report mood symptoms, abdominal cramps, back and breast pain, cravings, weight gain, and bloating.

There's still no answer on what causes those terrible headaches though.

The research  was recently published in the Journal of Women's Health.

7. Weet-Bix being sold for $50 to Chinese buyers.

Growing Chinese demand for Weet-Bix is seeing local shoppers snapping up bulk quantities of the cereal to sell online at hugely inflated prices.

According to The Daily Telegraph, retailers including Coles have observed a spike in Weet-Bix sales over recent weeks, as pictures emerge of shoppers pushing trolleys full of the product.

On Chinese retail website, 1.3kg boxes of the Sanitarium product are listed for as much as $50, roughly ten times the Australian shelf price.

Popularity of Weet-Bix has boomed in China over the past few months, accelerating the country to the top foreign market for the cereal.

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