Beverly from Murrumbeena wants old people banned from shopping centres during peak hour.

Old people have ALL DAY to shop.

So why do they persist on shopping between 5pm-6pm?

That’s the question raised in the Herald Sun letters to the editor.

Because Beverly Macca of Murrumbeena has just about enough of this shit:

FFS. Beverly is in a rush.

It seems that old people who shop between the crucial peak hour between work and home are costing hard-working Australians PRECIOUS SECONDS. And as Beverly points out, don’t old people have the rest of their fruitless days to leisurely wander the deli section?

Beverly proposes a curfew.

For too long they’ve been taking up checkout aisle with their oldness, slowing down all the busy-and-important people who have to jostle past them for a BBQ chicken on the way home.

For too long they’ve been driving at, or below, the speed limit.  For too long they’ve been talking slowly. But this is too much.  This blatant, leisurely queuing in front of BUSY F**KING PEOPLE is too much.

Mamamia tried contacting Beverly but couldn’t get in touch.

We have just one question, Bev: R U OK?