You could be sitting on a McDonalds Happy Meal gold mine.

Happy meal hoarders are about to have their “told you so” moment.

The McDonalds memorabilia is hitting a sales high as online traders search for toys and packaging from vintage happy meals.

Figurines of 1980s Ronalds, a few Hamburglers and even a set of 101 Dalmations are fetching traders hundreds online.

The focus of bidding wars on websites such as eBay is not just on the toys, but also on the packaging and advertising materials.

A Batman display from 1993 is currently selling for over AU$500, a set of boxes for $106 and a set of pens for $130.


Making such easy moolah off Maccas junk grabbed international attention seven years ago when one young boy in England sold his collection for almost $15,000.

The young trader’s stash began after he begged his father to buy a box of toys from another collector when he was only 11.

Finding a box of forgotten happy meal toys at your local garage sale is probably not too likely, but finding a box of toys online is a definite reality.

Online traders have even begun to list huge bags and boxes of old toys that could give any new collector an instant kick start.

Other big hitters in the vintage market include: Pokemon cards or memorabilia from the 1990s and Magic: The Gathering cards — one of which made headlines after it sold for $27,302 on eBay in 2013.

The lesson learned here? You may think those little coloured figurines cluttering your house are worthless now, but just remember: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Feature image via twitter: @GrayceBeverly

Saving happy meal toys for 30 years seemed crazy then but genius now. Watch as we share some of the weird things our kids have done. 

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