A customer has managed to get a full refund for a shirt they bought 17 years ago.

There are number of things you can do with your old clothes: donate them to charity, sell them on eBay, or even use them as rags for your dirty household cleaning work.

Or, you could ignore every return policy in the book and return them to the exact same store you bought them from, no matter how long ago you bought them.

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It most certainly is, my handsome friend...Image via Giphy.

That's what one GAP customer did, and they managed to succeed in getting a full refund for a shirt they bought in 2000.

Yep, that's 17 years ago.

Naturally, the store's manager wasn't too happy with the refund, writing a note that has since gone viral on Reddit.

gap returned shirt
Image via Reddit.

"Who on Earth accepted this as a return?!?!?!" the angry manager wrote.

"This item is from the summer of 2000! That was almost 17 years ago!"

The manager also noted that the store's usual return policy was 45 days... meaning whoever accepted the item miscalculated the validity of the return by a whole 6,160 days.


Even though the employee's manager wasn't impressed, the fact he or she was able to identify the exact year and season of the shirt is a pretty dazzling feat.

GAP's manager, right about now. Image via Giphy.

While some questioned how the store's sales system would allow someone to return such an old item, others argued that it was probably just easier to not argue with the customer.

"I'm sure the employee scanned the barcode and it came up blank in the system. The customer was probably ready to throw a fit, so the employee just shrugged, rung them up for store credit, then moved on with their life," one person wrote.

"GAP lost a couple dollars but the customer is happy and they can throw this on the clearance rack."

However this return slipped through the system, it certainly has us seeing those shoes we bought way back in 2005 in a whole new light.