The most popular old-fashioned baby boy names for 2016.

Ever noticed how royal families use the same names over and over and over again? That’s because they are forced to traditional baby names are popular for a reason. Particularly boy’s names.

They never get old and they never die. I think Charles said something similar about the Queen once…

And while we may forget to use them for a few years (traditional baby names for boys that is) they always come back and remind us of how fabulous there were in the first place and how they suit our gorgeous little boys.

Who knows, maybe some of royalty will rub off on them.

Here are 18 old-fashioned baby names making a huge comeback as featured on most popular baby names lists for 2016:

1. Albert

Albert means “noble and bright” and has risen almost 200 places since 2015. It has noble origins and is popular amongst world leaders and inventors including Prince Albert and Albert Einstein. And who wouldn’t love to shorten it to Bertie for a little baby boy?

2. Alfie

Old English name Alfie derives from the name Alfred and is so cute for baby boys. The name Alfie was used in TV show Offspring with Jimmy and Zara choosing the name for their first baby together. In real life – what, Offspring isn’t real? – Kate Winslet chose Alfie as the middle name for son Joe.

3. Harvey

The name Harvey means “battle worthy” and is a strong choice for baby boys, managing to shed its nerdy reputation. Also, nerds are the new “cool”…The Big Bang Theory…and boys these days can more than handle the label. When thinking “nerd” think “future multi-millionaire”.

4. Maximus

Max. Maxie. Mad Max. The name Maximus implies strength and heroicism (thank you Disney!). Maximus means “Greatest”. Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg chose the name Maxima for his daughter, transforming it into a unisex name as only a social media mogul can.

5. Oliver

Olive is Latin and means “symbol of peace”. Awww. Both Olive and Oliver have experienced a resurgence of late. Both Oliver and Olivia are in the Top 10 of most popular baby names for the past three years running.

6. Ned


Ned has been used in literature for centuries with some speculating that it derives from Edward. The Simpsons TV show used it for annoying neighbour Ned Flanders. However when you think about it in the context of one of Australia’s first famous outlaws, Ned Kelly, it becomes a little stronger and much cooler.

7. Walter

Walter means “rule the people” and originated in Germany. People named Walter might be called Walt, Wally or even Terry. George Clooney played Walter Kirn who wrote the book-then-movie Up in the Air. If George Clooney can’t bring something back to popularity, nobody can!

8. Vincent

Not just the choice for every second Italian family, Vincent is considered a strong choice for baby boys and can be shortened to Vince or Vinnie. It almost cracked the top 100 in 2015, reaching 109 and actors like Vince Vaughen and Vin Diesel starring multiple comedy and action movies respectively, it’s sure to remain on it’s upward trajectory.

9. John

Ah, John, the name revealed to be that of notorious Mr. Big in beloved TV series Sex and the City. Somehow it fit. What else could he have been named? Since then John has made a comeback and is still one of the most popular names that originated in the Bible. Also Johnny from Dirty Dancing, played by Patrick Swayze ensured it would live on. Add that to your list of movies to watch!


Wave Georgie, wave.

10. George

The baby name George is Greek in origin and means “farmer”. Used by monarchs for centuries, George was also chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their son, ensuring it would rise in the ranks of popular baby names lists and is still at 36 in Australia.

11. Frank

Francis, Franklin and Frank continues to climb up popular baby name lists. While only in the 300’s in Australia, it is climbing and has featured on Top 10 lists in the past, and could very well again. Franks are said to have quick, analytical minds and are also described as versatile and imaginative.

12. Joseph

Joseph, Joe, Joey, all adorable names for boys. Owing to it’s biblical origins, Joseph has always been considered one of the more traditional names and there are plenty of celebrities keeping it alive. Normally in the top 100 of baby name lists, it fell out of the top 10 in the early 2000s before it began its climb back up recently.


13. Henry

My first cat was named Henry. Now my husband and brother-in-law are both Henry. Henry is a name that has never left my world, although it did fall out of the top 500 in most baby name lists for a while. Now it is making a comeback. The name Henry, sometimes change to Harry, has been popular in royal circles for centuries and is also popular among celebrities such as Julia Roberts who chose it for her son, as well as Minnie Driver and Heidi Klum who chose it for their kids too.

14. Robert

The name Robert means “bright flame” and is often transformed into Rob, Robbie, Bob or Bert. In Australia the name became popular again partly owing to Bob Irwin, son of the late Steve Irwin who names his son after his father Bob, continuing a long-lost tradition of naming children after parents. More people should do it, particularly when their parents have awesome, solid names like this.

15. Leo

The name Leo continues to rise up the ranks. Thanks Leo DiCaprio! Also Today Extra host David Campbell chose this name for his son. Leo means “strength” and in Latin means “lion.”

16. Jasper

Rising almost 300 places over the past few years, Jasper is one of those names you’d imagine an artist who is in touch with his feelings might have. “J” names have always been popular for baby boys and Jasper is considered an original alternative to more common names like Jacob and Joshua.

17. Owen

Meaning “young warrior”, Owen has jumped up the list by almost 50 places recently. Celebrity Owen Wilson of Zoolander and every other comedy movie fame has helped to keep it relevant and it is a good choice for parents not keen on their child’s name being abbreviated.

18. Wyatt

Wyatt has been used by Goldie Hawn for her son as well as Sheryl Crowe, who chose it for her son. It means “little guys” which is just too cute, however thanks to Wyatt Earp and several country and western movies, it conjures different images these days. Think “swash buckling”.