Ok, this is weird.

A new ‘schoolboy cafe’ has just opened in Tokyo. It’s part restaurant, part fantasy, part performance, part lord knows what…..


Reuters are reporting that:

In keeping with the schoolboy theme, waiters with manicured hands
and soft voices pretend to be teenage students, chatting and flirting
with well-dressed Japanese women playing the roles of benefactresses
visiting the school.

On a Saturday in January, the cafe, which opened late last year, was packed with giggling customers.

"Most of our customers are office ladies in their twenties and
thirties, women who are fashionable but normal," said Emiko Sakamaki,
Edelstein’s 27-year-old manager, herself dressed in a loose mini-dress
over skinny jeans and knee-high boots.


And it gets weirder. Customers are apparently "united by a passion for such "boy-love manga", or
comics about boy-boy romance for female readers — a genre that is
currently undergoing a huge revival in Japan."


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