OK, I hear you. Nobody is on the fence about Nadya Suleman.

Firstly, a sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on this one. I knew it was going to be a hot topic and you didn't disappoint with your fiesty, interesting arguments for and against. As usual, everyone played nice and was impassioned yet respectful which makes me extremely happy.
To every person who started their comment with the words:  "Mia, I totally disagree with you" , I can't answer each of you individually here although as I read through each comment, I did make a concise and articulate counter argument to your counter argument in my head. I was very convincing.

But to re-iterate and underline my broad point: in the grand scheme of heinous crimes we hear about every day, does this woman really deserve the astonishing amount of anger and venom directed her way? And is that reaction going to help her in the massive task she has ahead of her – caring for 14 innocent chldren? It is not.

What I have found most upsetting about this story is the intensity of the negative reaction. People aren't just disapproving, they are FURIOUS with a woman who has not committed a crime and has not harmed her children. Why has she become such a lightening rod for hate? Surely there are more valid targets for outrage? As for the semantics of what she should or shouldn't have done, they are now purely that. Semantics. Because the babies are here. So are her other 6 kids. She is their mother.  And she needs support and compassion.

The women of momversation make some other excellent points here….listen to what Rebecca says about the arms…..

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