Channel 10 finally responds to rumours of a 6th season of Offspring.

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It’s time to unpack your scarves and get out your knee high boots – Nina Proudman is reportedly back in town.

We mourned over Patrick’s death, cried through Billie and Mick’s break up and then make up and we screamed with joy when Nina and Leo finally got together in the last episode and now it seems its time for us to celebrate our favourite family’s return to our television screens once again.

According to an article in the Daily Telegraph, creators of the hit drama are looking at making a 6th season of the show. The article claims that the reason the series stalled after the 5th season was that it would become too expensive to produce. (Shows that run more than 65 episodes reportedly lose their government rebates.)

All of our favourites are set to return including new mum, Asher Keddie who plays the lead character Nina Proudman and her new on-screen love Leo, played by Patrick Brammall.

This is fantastic news for Channel Ten who have been trying to persuade writer John Edwards to continue the story of the Proudman family into a sixth season.

Channel 10’s chief programming officer, Beverley McGarvey, told The Daily Telegraph she is currently discussing with the writers on a way they can keep the show still going.

“It was such a powerful end to last season but the team has done a great job of … getting back to the heart and the humour of the show.

Mamamia contacted Offspring writers Debra Oswald and Michael Lucas but did not hear back by the time this article was published. 

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What was your favourite Offspring moment over the last 5 seasons?