Offspring is about to do something it's never done before.

Get ready world, because Nina Proudman is about to make her live television debut.

Yep, that’s right: the country’s favourite TV obstetrician is about to cross over into the real world, when Offspring meets The Project on tonight’s episode.

Say what? Yep. Nina’s going on Live TV. Hear The Binge podcast talk about it:

Last week, we saw Nina named as ‘the face’ of St Francis Hospital, after a publicity scandal hits the web (spoiler: Kim is filmed kicking a fake baby across the room). And now she’s due for a live appearance on Channel 10’s ‘news with a difference’ program, The Project, to set the record straight.

Nina looks a little nervous during her live TV debut. Photo: Channel 10

If the promos for episode are anything to go by - a nervous-looking Nina, an internal monologue and even a storm-out - things don't go so well.


BUT, the crossover episode is a huge event in the history of the show and ventures outside of the show's traditionally fictional setting and into the real world.

Carrie, Pete and Waleed all appear on tonight's 'Offspring' episode. Photo: Channel 10

Fellow Gold Logie winners Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly appear on tonight's episode, playing themselves. (Poor Pete, left out once again). It remains to be seen whether Carrie and Waleed will put on their 'serious journalist' hats to interrogate Nina, or even if the scandal will end up in one of Waleed's editorial segments.

In the promo for the show, Carrie turns to Nina and smiles as she says, "thanks so much for coming in on such short notice".

Nina, our fingers are crossed for you!

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