Apparently, EVERYONE's in for the next Offspring. Well, nearly everyone.

Be still our beating hearts. Clegg is BACK.

One of the cast has let slip about the lineup for Season 6, and we’re all ears.

Naughty Lachy Hulme, who plays quirky Dr Martin Clegg, has given Offspring fans around the world renewed hope when he spilled some beans this week.

(Not enough beans to actually confirm what’s going on, however…)

“As far as I know, most of the cast is back. I believe almost everyone will be returning. I didn’t hesitate at all.”

Darcy and Geraldine! Mick and Billie! Nina and Leo! Zara and Jimmy! Zoe! Patrick! Oh, wait. Not Patrick.

The band is (almost) back together.

As we know, filming is set to begin in 6 months (that’s just 180 sleeps, guys!) with no plot lines or new characters released from the writers, who are “padlocked away in a room”.

Just sayin’, any locksmiths out there, GET ONTO IT.

Just in case you forgot where we left our Offspring family at the end of season 5, you can refresh your memory/ relive the pain, here.

Have a scroll through some of Nina Proudman’s signature looks from last season. 

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But as we know, key players who won’t be returning, are series creator Debra Oswald, and writer Michael Lucas, with Oswald announcing on her Twitter page last month that she was done and dusted with the much-loved series.

And now, all we can do is wait.

180 sleeps.