What everyone who watched Offspring is thinking.

If your night was anything like mine it was a battle of the remote to watch the best show on television right now, Offspring, and the State of Origin (pfft football).

If you missed it – and SPOILER ALERT – Nina meets the male version of herself, Leo, while killing time at the airport. Leo’s flight to Adelaide is delayed, and Nina is waiting to pick up her father and his new wife from their honeymoon.

Two drinks later Leo, played by Canberra-born actor Patrick Brammall, asks Nina if she would like to come back to his hotel room.

What happens next is one of the most accurate portrayals of casual (or committed) sex we’ve ever seen on tv.

It was a drawn out, undeniably awkward, cringe worthy, hard-to-watch scene that didn’t end in a five second orgasm from the female lead. But that’s not what everyone is talking about this morning; it’s whether or not Nina has moved on from Patrick too soon.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Offspring before, I need to interject myself at this point to tell you that regular viewers like myself tend to talk about Offspring characters like we know them in real life. OK?

Channel 10 promoted the episode with: “He ticks all the boxes… Is Nina ready for a one-time fling?” But if Offspring’s Facebook page is anything to go by, the audience’s answer is a resounding no.

“It hurt so much to see Patrick walk away. Not ready to let go of Patrick yet,” one commenter said.

“Don’t know why it’s so important that Nina has sex!! Bloody hell she only lost Patrick 6months ago!!!” said another.

“No way. How is it on TV they think you can get over loosing someone you love in five minutes?” said another.

One other said: “I think 6 months is okay to be contemplating sex… she’s not dead too.. she should be able to at least meet sexual needs.”

While others prophesied if we’d see Leo again in future episodes, and if the scar he mentioned meant that maybe (in an evil twist of fate) he was a recipient of one of Patrick’s kidneys. Thankfully, other eagle-eyed viewers spotted Patrick in the car with Nina in next week’s promo. Phew.

It’s been six months since Patrick *died*, is that too soon for Nina to move on?