Chrissie Swan tells us what it's like to work on Offspring (and how she felt after Patrick's death).

A wonderful thing happened last night.

Our two favourite things – Offspring and Chrissie Swan – came together and the result was mighty awesome.

The second episode of Offspring was Chrissie’s first and we were so excited about the appearance, we decided to ask her a few questions. Here’s what she had to say:

1. How did your appearance on Offspring come about?

I follow Michael Lucas on Twitter. He is one of the senior writers on Offspring and had told him many times what a genius he was/is as I am obviously a fan of him and the show. I must’ve been on top of his mind when he was writing the scene so never underestimate the power of Twitter to change your life!

2. You’re best known for your work on TV and radio as a presenter. What was it like to make a transition to a show that’s more scripted?

It’s true I’ve never had a script before and it was hard to find the discipline to learn it. Can I confess that I actually had it written down in front of me and I glanced at it throughout my scene and ad libbed a bit too!

3. Do you love Offspring as much as the rest of Australia? Why do you think we love it so much?

Well first, I think it looks like how I’d like my life to look. It’s just so beautiful. It’s set in my hometown too which I am in love with, so I love seeing it represented so beautifully. Everyone looks great. The houses are wonderful. The clothes are gorgeous. There’s not a single character in Offspring I wouldn’t love to have over for a scone and a cuppa. And they’re FUNNY. I rate funny very highly. Offspring makes me *feel*, which is a wonderful thing.

4. Do you have any Offspring rituals – anything you do every Wednesday night when it’s on?

I have a lot of kids and I get up early for work so I actually watch Offspring on Thursday when I get home from work. I lock myself in the kids playroom, kick off Bubble Guppies and enjoy my 42 minutes uninterrupted!


5. A lot of Mamamia readers didn’t cope very well with last season’s ending. What was your reaction when Patrick died?

I was so much more devastated than I ever thought possible. I cried. A lot. We saw the final episode with a big group of listeners and I couldn’t stop crying even with the public humiliation. I cried all the way home in the car. I crived (car/drive).

Even months later when I was filming my scene and I had to talk about Nina and Patrick’s baby and how Billie was helping out, I burst out crying on set which was NOT in the script. We had to cut and stop until I composed myself.

I can’t stand people who say, “But it’s only a TV show” because it’s not *just* a TV show. It was devastating to me and to be honest, it still is. I saw Matt LeNevez at the Logies and was sad all over again. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it and if you think that’s weird I feel sad for you!

Nina and Billie

6. If you could spend one day with one Proudman woman, who would it be and why?

Well…Nina’s got the baby and I love babies so I’d choose her. But Billie is wonderful too. I love them all.

7. Hang out, make out or knock out: Nina, Billie or Jimmy (one for hang out, one for make out and one for knockout)?

Hang out with Nina (and get some boho style tips). Make out with Jimmy because he is an adorable loser who’s turned his life around with taco trucks now and I’m so proud of him… And knock out Billie (if I had to) for messing things up with her gorgeous husband.

Were you watching Offspring last night? What did you think?