Celeb in 5: Sunday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The very cute detail about Princess Charlotte in the royal wedding portrait.

In Princess Eugenie‘s official wedding portrait, we can’t take our eyes off Princess Charlotte.

Firstly, she and her brother Prince George are super cute.

But the three-year-old bridesmaid also looks particularly like her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, due to her adoption of an incredibly familiar pose.

Dubbed the “Duchess Slant”, the pose involves tucking one ankle behind the other while slanting the legs slightly to the side.



It also seems a lot like the pose Anne Hathaway was told to do in The Princess Diaries, so it looks like Genovia has a similar set of rules.

2. Lisa Wilkinson’s stern message about Nick Cummins.

Lisa Wilkinson has clapped back at the media program, A Current Affair, who followed Nick Cummins to Papua New Guinea this week.

Writing on Instagram, she explained that the former Bachelor would be answering questions in an organised interview on The Sunday Project this evening.

“So this week, The Bachelor, Nick Cummins, was bounced by A Current Affair after walking The Kokoda Track for charity, like some sort of dodgy electrician who’d been caught ripping off old-aged pensioners…” she began the post.

“So tonight, on The Sunday Project, The Honey Badger will join us at the desk to answer your questions and, most particularly, once and for all the question so many feel he hasn’t yet fully answered: why he walked away from choosing one final contestant in his (and their) search for lasting love,” she added.

She hilariously then added the comment, “Maybe then, we can all get some sleep,” illuminating the ludicrous standard Nick Cummins has been held to.

Hopefully we get answers to the questions the nation are so desperately pondering.

3. For the first time, Karlie Kloss has acknowledged her rumoured ‘feud’ with Taylor Swift.

It was the friendship of all friendships. Until, it wasn’t. Or so we thought.

See, the two were inseparable at one point.

They talked about how close they were in interviews, shared many photos together on social media, they even walked the Victoria Secret catwalk together. Kind of.


But then, it all came to a halt.

They stopped mentioning each other when referring to their closest friends, and Taylor allegedly took a swipe at Karlie in her ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ music video.


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No one puts on a show like @taylorswift ????:sparkles: #ReputationTour Nashville was out of this world, I am SO proud of you ????

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We all pretended we didn’t care until Jennifer Lawrence admitted she cared – a lot – about the mystery behind their reportedly deteriorated friendship.


In the most recent 73 Questions video with Vogue, Karlie finally addressed the rumours.

“I just have to get this out of the way, because the world deserves to know: Is everything cool with you and Taylor?” the interviewer asked.

“The world needs to know? Well, Jennifer Lawrence was interested. Jen, don’t worry, Taylor and I are still really good friends,” she responded.


4. The unlikely Bachelor in Paradise star coming back for round two.

…In a move that suggests former Bachelor franchise stars really need to figure out how to use Tinder, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum Luke McLeod is giving the search for love on reality TV yet another crack.

Luke, pls.

He appeared on Sophie Monk’s season of the Bachelorette, and left Fiji hand-in-hand with Lisa Hyde on the Bachelor in Paradise earlier this year…but the two split after he reportedly cheated on her with a 19-year-old girl.


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‘I couldn’t meditate. There’s no way I can get my mind to switch off’. You know how many times I’ve heard this? A lot. For me, meditation isn’t about switching off. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. It’s about switching ON. . Firstly, you can never switch your brain off anyway. Just like you can’t stop breathing. You switch it off, you die and I don’t want that for you. You can control it though, just like your breath and that’s what it’s all about. Controlling your thoughts. . Throughout my guided meditation I’ll often say ‘If thoughts come into your mind that is completely ok, it’s a natural thing. Just gently move them to the side and bring your focus back and connect with, what I like to call, your Primary Sense (btw who’s tried the guided meditation I recently released? How did you go?) . So if you think you couldn’t meditate because you’ve got too many thoughts running around your head, think again (pun intended) ???????? . Also, Melbourne folk. I’ve got some exciting news. I’ll be running an event down your way soon and I’m on the look for 3 key people. . Person No1. Photographer/videographer that would like to capture the moments. Person No2. Treat maker. I’d love to offer guests some tasty treats at the event. If you make healthy tasty snacks or know someone that does, let me know and person No3. is just an all-round legend that would like to hang out and help me setup etc. Tag or comment below if this is you. . Should be a fun and ‘good for the soul’ event. More to come very soon. Big love ❤️✌????

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The reality star spilled the beans about his potential starring in season two of Bachelor in Paradise in an interview with Daily Mail, revealing he’d been approached by producers to apply.

“Love is the most important thing. It conquers all,” he said of his search for Instagram followers a partner.

With Alex Nation and Richie Strahan also rumoured to join the search for love in Osher’s mango daiquiri-filled paradise, we are so ready for next year’s season.

But for now, we’re content with the Bachelorette.

(Boy, we really need to get lives.)

5. Did Harry and Meghan have a fight at Princess Eugenie’s wedding? An investigation.

Image: Getty.

Turns out, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are actually a pretty normal couple who argue as real people do - who knew!

On Friday, Princess Eugenie's wedding meant we got yet another inside peek the fascinating lives of the royals.

We watched little Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Teddy Williams as members of the bridal party, we saw Fergie make her entrance as the mother of the bride, and we saw Prince Philip walk just a few steps behind The Queen as they arrived for the ceremony.

And what a few of us also saw - with our jaws well and truly dropped - was Prince Harry and Megan Markle having a tiny little argument before the ceremony. It was so tiny, the average human may have just missed it. But we, my friends, are not your average humans.

To read all about Megan and Harry's royal wedding tiff, head over here for an in depth investigation.