No. We're not ok with it.


Does this ad seem ok to you?

It’s advertising the Bavarian Bier Café – a German-style chain restaurant that has branches across Sydney.

But here’s the real kicker: not only was it advertising the restaurant, it was also, get this – attempting to raise money for a charity.


Face palm.

Using ridiculously hyper-sexualised images in 2014 is not clever or funny. It’s offensive.

Using a double-entendre to compare women’s breasts to meat is not clever or funny. It’s offensive.

And using ridiculously hyper-sexualised images and a sleazy double-entendre to advertise a restaurant AND a freaking breast cancer charity is so wrong I can’t even deal.

Every week we seem to hear of a new company offending people with dodgy ads or products.

Remember those scarily-thin Glassons mannequins with the sticky-outy ribs that caused a stir a few weeks back?

Are you sick of ads like this one from Victoria’s Secret?

Remember those “If you don’t love it, leave” singlets Woolworths got slammed for this year?

And remember that icky Nando’s ad? The one with the gyrating, pole-dancing mum in a g-string?

Or mannequins like this from Top Shop?

Enough is enough.

We’re sick of these kinds of ads and products and we bet you are too.

That’s why we’re launching Not Ok With It, a regular post and gallery where we name and shame.

We’d love you to tell us about examples you find, using the #MMNotOk.

Because these mind-blowingly stupid ads and products can’t be ignored. It’s really not ok.

What are some other offensive ads or products you have seen lately?

Here are some other offensive ads and products we are definitely Not Ok With.

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