Parents whose daughter weed on live TV, hit back at critics of their parenting.


The ‘off-grid’ mum whose one-year-old daughter weed on live television is furious at the backlash she’s received, arguing her daughter was in fact wearing a nappy.

When British couple Adele and Matt Allen appeared on the UK daytime show This Morning to discuss their ‘off-grid’ parenting style, they probably didn’t expect to become the focus of a social media frenzy. But while the Brighton parents were explaining the details of their lifestyle to hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, their youngest child began to wee on the studio floor.

Image via Youtube.


One-year-old Ostara casually walked away from her parents, weed in front of the studio’s camera crew, and then returned to the group when finished.

But now, Adele Allen, 32, has shared on her blog's Facebook page that the incident was the result of a leaking nappy.

“Well done to Ulysses and poorly Ostara for putting up with the media chaos today," she wrote. "And Ostara did have a nappy on today but shock horror sometimes they leak!! #‎herecomethetrolls.”

Image via Facebook.

Despite the family's attempt to quash the media attention, it's unlikely the trolling will stop any time soon.

The concept of 'off-grid' parenting appears to have seriously upset viewers. According to Ms Allen, "Off-grid parenting is a term used to describe a style of parenting which seeks to adopt a natural, self-sustainable, unconventional and intuitive approach to all aspects of child rearing."

"Off-grid parents usually step outside the system when it comes to their children's medical care and education and opt for alternative health care, alternative education such as unschooling and adopt alternative child rearing practices."

The audience was also shocked to hear that Ms Allen still breastfeeds her five-year-old son Ulysses, that none of her children attend school or pre-school, have never visited a doctor, and aren't vaccinated. She also said she had two home births in a paddling pool, feeling “confident in the abilities of [her] own body.”

The Allen family. Image via Fund My Travel.

The family has started a Fund My Travel page to help them get to Costa Rica, where they can achieve their ambition of being self sufficient. The overwhelming majority of comments on the crowdsourcing page are highly critical, with the most popular comment stating:

Could you expand slightly on the self sufficiency aspect of this? Only it doesn't seem particularly self sufficient if you're asking other people to pay for it and then relying on the income from an unrepresentatively large property in a developing economy. I think the word you are looking for is self indulgent.

We're glad Ostara was wearing a nappy, but it seems that's far from the only issue the audience had with the Allen family.