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1. Off grid mum defends her daughter after she weed on live TV while asking for donations to her crowd-funding site.

The mother of a toddler who weed on live television while her parents were talking about their “off grid” lifestyle (and didn’t appear to care about the toddler’s accident), has hit back at “trolls” who slammed her parenting saying her daughter was wearing a nappy.

Appearing on UK breakfast show “This Morning”, British couple Adele and Matt Allen were explaining their “off-grid parenting”, including the fact they do not believe in vaccinations, medication, formal schooling and still breastfeed their five-year-old, when their youngest child, Ostara, 1, began to wee on the studio floor.

Her brother then started shouting and pointing at her as their dad glanced at the puddle and did nothing. The couple were heavily criticised on social media over the child’s actions.

Ostara, 1, began to wee on the studio floor. Via "This Morning".


Overnight Adele Allen has told her Facebook followers that in fact the one-year-old was wearing a nappy.

She wrote: “Well done to Ulysses and poorly Ostara for putting up with the media chaos today... and Ostara did have a nappy on today but shock horror sometimes they leak!! ‪#‎herecomethetrolls.”

She is also asking for followers to donate to a crowd-sharing site to help the family move to Costa Rica to “Help us achieve our ultimate ambition of self-sustainability!”

They have so far raised around $25.

2. Mother who abandoned baby in a drain to be released from custody “within weeks.”

A 30-year-old woman who abandoned her newborn in a Sydney drain for five days, to be found by passer-by’s who heard his cries, will be released from custody within weeks after only serving one year and nine months in custody.


The baby boy's cries were heard by passing cyclists near Sydney’s M7 at Quakers Hill in November 2014. The baby had survived, but was severely dehydrated after begin dropped in the drain several days earlier.

A court has heard that the woman returned to the drain in the subsequent days but upon hearing nothing, and assuming he was dead did nothing.

The mother had given birth to the healthy baby full term but at the hospital it was noticed she was “not quite right.” Judge Andrew Colefax said "warning bells must have rung in the hospital" and he said that something should have been done. The court was told one staff member observed: "There is something not quite right with [the mother] and her baby."

After hearing that the mother feared the disapproval of her family, had the intellectual capacity of a mid-primary-school-age child and had been abandoned by the boy's father the judge imposed a total sentence of three-and-a-half years but she will be eligible for parole in August.

3. Man in custody after driving car filled with gas cylinders into police station.

Horror last night in Sydney after a man set his car alight and then deliberately drove it into a police station in the Sydney suburb of Merrylands.

The man, aged in his 60’s is said to have had a history of mental illness after police initially feared it was a terror attack.


Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford said that they do not believe the man had any links to terror groups, they are “keeping an open mind” throughout the investigation.

Assistant Commissioner Clifford said the man was taken to hospital in a serious condition but that no officers were injured.

He said police were on high alert.

“We've been that way for some time, due to events here and overseas."

4. Father accused of killing 4-month-old hurt him as he “liked hearing him cry” court told.

The father "liked hearing him cry".

A father accused of the murder of his four-month-old baby often pinched him hard to make him cry according to his former partner.

Brisbane man, Ry Liam Smith, 25, is facing a committal hearing for charges of the murder of his baby son Lennoxx Eddy. Lennoxx was found lifeless in the bassinet of his Maryborough home on September 1, 2013.

The court heard that the four-month-old baby died from bruising and bleeding of his brain and spinal cord, which can be caused by shaking, punching or a head butt reports The Courier Mail.

It was claimed in court that just days before the death of Lennoxx the baby’s mother noticed bruising on his head after his father, high on drugs, had taken him for a walk. Smith’s partner, Lilly Eddy and asked him what had happened. Ms Eddy told the court Smith told her Lennoxx had “hit his head on the bars of the stroller”.

She also claimed that Smith often pinched the baby on his nose leaving bruises.  Ms Eddy said she asked him why he did it and Smith allegedly replied: “I like hearing him cry”.


She told the court that Smith had become frustrated because four-month-old Lennoxx could not yet say “mum” or “dad”.

The hearing continues today.

5. Russia loses appeal against Olympics ban over doping.

Russia has lost its appeal against the decision to ban its athletics team from the Rio Olympics next month.

Russia was banned from international track and field events by the IAAF, world athletics' governing body, last November following a report by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) showing widespread, state-sponsored doping.

Russia's Olympic committee and 68 individual athletes lodged an appeal against the suspension, but the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) rejected the appeal.

The International Olympic Committee is considering whether to ban all Russian competitors from the games after a separate report into state-sponsored doping.

6. Bastille Day truck attacker had planned it since last year.

The terrorist who drove a truck through crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing 84, had plotted the deadly attack for months – possibly even since last year - and was aided by at least one accomplice, police in Paris have said.

Prosecutor Francois Molins said information from driver Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel's phone showed searches and photographs indicating he had been studying for a possible attack since 2015.


Five suspects are also facing preliminary terrorism charges for allegedly helping Bouhlel.

These new revelations contradict previous reports that Bouhlel was self-radicalised very quickly.

8. Banned: Wicked Camper slogans in QLD.

There has been a quiet celebration amongst campaigners who called for a ban of the derogatory and sexist slogans used by company “Wicked Campers” on their hire campervans and vehicles with QLD State Attorney-General banning the offensive slogans.

State Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath has announced legislation which will see commercial registration holders “who fail to comply with determinations by the Advertising Standards Bureau” face having the registration of those vehicles canceled.

“I understand clearly the level of community concern about the vulgar, crass and offensive slogans that have been displayed on some commercial vehicles in Queensland and other parts of Australia,” Ms D'Ath said.

“They have been subject to frequent complaints to the Advertising Standards Board. The owners of these vehicles are in business, and some may see the offense and outrage they cause as a form of free publicity,”

“Now they have a strong financial incentive to comply with the ASB, because if they don't, their vehicles will be unregistered, off the road, and unable to generate revenue.”

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