Today, you have a legitimate reason to eat ALL the Nutella.

My Nutella stash at work.

Today, we finally have a very real reason to eat all of the Nutella – a reason other than the fact it is possibly humankind’s most delicious creation.

And that is because today is the 50th anniversary of the creation of this wonder-spread.

Many of you will know Nutella for its deliciousness and tastiness, but you may not be aware of its very humble beginnings.

Company owner Michele Ferrero created the spread as a cheaper alternative to chocolate in 1946. Nutella also used to be sold as a solid block (A SOLID FREAKING BLOCK!) before it became the creamy spread it is today. Although this decision seems counter-intuitive from a business perspective – as it made Nutella more difficult to eat with your hands – the release of the first jar in 1964 has obviously worked.

There are so many ways for us to ingest this God-like substance.

For example, drinkable Nutella:

Or pancaked Nutella:

Or my personal favourite, Nutella with Nutella:

So thank you for all the happiness you have brought us over these last 50 years Nutella. Your faux chocolate goodness, while potentially single-handedly contributing to the obesity epidemic and palm oil issues, has been truly wonderful.

*Note: This piece is not sponsored. I just really, really like Nutella. And bacon. Please stay tuned for my post on bacon’s anniversary.

And to get you through your day, here are some more Nutella-themed images.