The internet is obsessed with watching Tiny Food videos (and so are we)

Teeny tiny doll house sized food might sound like something for children, but there are plenty of adults going crazy for the one of the internet’s biggest trend. For some reason, everyone is obsessed with watching tiny food videos (and we’re no exception).

And it’s the best thing we’ve seen all week.

From the global epicentre of cute comes kawaii cooking.

Think novelty sized culinary creations, where small is better and your average kitchen appliances can be left at the door.

Created by a group of crafty cooks, the videos show the making of everything imaginable from macaroni au gratin, pizza, lasagna and okonmiyaki, to sweet treats like macarons and donuts, the kawaii cooks know how to heat up a (mini) kitchen.

Sushi the size of bugs? No sweat.

The meals are made with some ingenious repurposing of items: heating stoves with tea light candles, using straws as rolling pins and shape cutters, and doll house egg flips. There is, of course, also some ingredient substitution going on, with traditional items like hen’s eggs being replaced with quail’s eggs.

Despite starting in Japan, the trend is now sweeping the world, with many others recreating baby bites for viewers’ consumption.

And let’s be honest, with servings that small, diners are going to need all of the help they can get in lining their stomachs.

The jury is still out on who is eating the kawaii cooking and whether or not it actually tastes any good. But hey, they’re minor details in an internet sensation like this.

Watch our video above to see just some of these tiny masterpieces.

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