X-rays reveal the whacky, whacky things people have gotten stuck up their bums.

Welcome to the ‘No-Judgment Zone’, dear reader.

No matter what happens here, no matter what you see or read, you must remember: No. Judgment. Zone.

Yes, it might be hard. Because seeing a radiograph of an instant coffee jar inside a man’s pelvis is… troubling. Similarly, an x-ray of a zucchini up and around someone’s bowel isn’t, err, typical. But his is a safe space, okay? Okay.

*Please remember to breathe deeply and calmly*

Radiopedia is an education resource for medical and radiology professionals around the world. It’s a place where doctors and technicians share the cases that they want to discuss and post articles of interest.

It also happens to be the source of a number of x-rays of what the site calls “Rectal foreign bodies”.

The site indicates “patients usually know that there is something in their rectum although are often at a loss as to how the object got there.”

Without further ado, let’s explore the wonderful world that is ‘Stuff People Have Put Up Their Bums’. To our surprise, many of the objects aren’t overtly… um… sexual.

Ready? Let’s do this.

Fly spray can

Case courtesy of A.Prof Frank Gaillard, From the case rID: 35956

Okay, so absurdity aside – we really just want to know HOW?!

Spray cans are not little… particularly this one. They’re quite girthy, actually. So we’d love to know what story the doctors were given when this particular case rocked up to the emergency unit.

An orange

Case courtesy of Dr Paul Simkin, From the case rID: 23993

Okay, this is interesting. Not only because of its perishable quality, but because we’re not quite sure how this person intended on getting the orange back ‘out’. It’s not exactly surprising that it took a team of medical professionals to extract.


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A pestle (as in mortar and…)

Case courtesy of A.Prof Frank Gaillard, From the case rID: 12571

We can’t stop thinking about how HEAVY this would be. Imagine carrying around a marble pestle all day – IN YOUR PELVIS! Surely that’s got to make you more than just a bit sluggish, right?

Enjoyed these? Click through the gallery below to find out other items people have gotten trapped up their behinds.

For a full list of objects, head to Radiopaedia.

Have you heard any stories about ‘odd’ things getting stuck ‘up there’? Tell us in the comments below.