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1. Malcolm Turnbull meets with Barack Obama.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has met with US President Barack Obama in Manilla in the pair’s first official face-to-face meeting.

The two are attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

Mr Turnbull said that the US President had extended an invitation to him to visit the US in the coming weeks.

Mr Obama spoke of Australia’s “enormously helpful” efforts to stabilise the Middle East and rejected calls for additional troops in the Syrian conflict with Islamic State.

The Australian Prime Minister told the media “We will continue shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States and our allies in the fight against this type of extremist violence — this type of terrorism,” he said.

“We have a common purpose and a common strategy.”

Describing himself and President Obama as “leaders of two countries committed to freedom,” Mr Turnbull said they shared a “productive, constructive discussion” in the wake of the Paris attacks.

“It was a sobering reminder of the threat that terrorism poses to us,” he said.

2. CIA: “This is not the only operation that ISIL (Islamic State) has in the pipeline”.

The head of the CIA has said the US had had a “strategic warning” about the suicide bombings across Europe and the shootings in Paris and that he anticipated “this is not the only operation that ISIL (Islamic State) has in the pipeline”.

Islamic State yesterday posted a 12-minute video directly mentioning Washington and Rome as future targets.

With the missing eighth member of the Paris attacks, Salah ­Abdeslam, and the suspected mastermind of the attackers, Abdelhamid Abaaoud still at large the CIA director said that they believe ISIL may have more planned:

“I would anticipate that this is not the only operation that ISIL has in the pipeline,” CIA Director John Brennan said.

“And security intelligence services right now in Europe and other places are working feverishly to see what else they can do in terms of uncovering it.”

Mr Brennan said the jihadist group appears to have formed an external operations branch that may have readied follow-up strikes to the Paris attacks.

“I certainly wouldn’t consider it [the Paris attacks] a one-off event,” he said.


3. Syringes, pizza boxes and smartphones found at hotel rooms and flat used by bombers.

Syringes found in hotel rooms of attackers.

As police continue the hunt for the group behind the Paris attacks, including one of the men directly involved in the shootings and the mastermind, a French media outlet has reported on the hotel room and flats used by the men as they prepared to attack Paris.

Salah Abdeslam, who is the subject of a Europe-wide manhunt, used his credit card to rent two rooms at a hotel in Alfortville, a south-eastern suburb of Paris.

Le Point newspaper gained access to rooms 311 and 312, where reporters found a set of syringes and tubes scattered on a coffee table, near takeaway pizza boxes and overturned mattresses.

Some of the survivors of the attack reported that the men seemed “zombie-like” or drugged leading to speculation the syringes could have been drug paraphernalia.

Other reports say the syringes could have been used to create the suicide vests.

Meanwhile there have been five arrests in the German town of Alsdorf in connection with the Paris attacks. Three men and two women were arrested but their identities have not been confirmed.

The brother of one Salah Abdeslam has urged Abdeslam to give himself up.

Mohamed Abdeslam told French TV BFM his brother was devout but showed no signs of being a radical Islamist.

He said: “Of course I call on him to turn himself over to the police. The best would be for him to give himself up so that justice can shed all the light on this.”

4. Emma Parkinson out of hospital.

Emma Parkinson is out of hospital.

The young Australian woman injured in the Paris attacks has been released from hospital with her mother by her side.

19-year old Emma Parkinson was shot and injured as she lined up to enter the Bataclan concert hall in Paris on Friday night.

The 19-year-old’s uncle, Michael Parkinson said she was doing well physically and was expected to make a full recovery.

He said his niece had been shot in the thigh area and had undergone surgery on Saturday.

“Obviously Emma has gone through a horrific experience and it will take her some time to come to terms with it,” Mr Parkinson said in a statement.

Mr Parkinson thanked Australia’s ambassador to Paris, Stephen Brady.

“His personal response and the comfort and support he has provided to Emma and our family has been beyond anything we would have expected,” Mr Parkinson said.


He also thanked the Paris hospital staff who treated his niece “in what must have been incredibly trying times”.

The family extended their condolences to the families and friends of the 129 people killed and others injured in Friday’s attacks.

“Our thoughts remain with those people and with the people of France,” Mr Parkinson said.

5. Russia offers $50 million reward for arrest of terrorists who caused Egypt plane crash.

Egyptian authorities overnight said that they had detained two Sharma el-Sheikh airport employees on suspicion of helping to plant the device on the plane.

Russia has offered a $50 million reward for any information that leads to the arrest of terrorists who brought down the Russian passenger plane in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula killing 224 people.

Russia’s security chief Alexander Bortnikov said a bomb with the equivalent of one kilogram of TNT brought down the plane.

The country’s federal security service, known as the FSB, has since announced the $50m reward for information on its website.

The FSB appealed for “help in identifying the terrorists”.

“There will be a reward of $50 million for information helping to arrest the criminals,” a statement on its website reads.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also vowed to “intensify” airstrikes in Syria, following the advice that terrorists caused the crash.

Egyptian authorities overnight said that they had detained two Sharma el-Sheikh airport employees on suspicion of helping to plant the device on the plane.

6. Mother admits watching husband rub 11-year old son’s face in his own faeces after he soiled himself.

The boy was locked in a shed in the back garden while tied to a chair.

The mother of an autistic boy who died of suspected hypothermia after being put under a cold shower, clothed and strapped to a chair to be left in a shed said she was shocked to learn of the boy’s punishment.

In court yesterday the mother, who is on trial charged with unlawfully killing the boy claimed that while they had used the punishment on the boy in the past she did not know that night her husband has done it.

The Crown has argued that the mother she was complicit in the death of the boy because she helped restrain the boy in the cold shed earlier in the night, and that they had used the punishment many times in the past.

Fairfax Media reports that on the afternoon of his death the mother saw her husband confronted the boy after he soiled himself in the bathroom.

“He picked [my son] up and just put his face in the poo on the ground and stood him up again,” she said. She then said her husband then turned off the house’s hot water, forcing his wife to clean her son with cold water.


“[My husband] apologised and was very remorseful after I spoke to him later,” she said.

She gave evidence that later that night when her son wet himself he was placed in the shed as punishment.

She says that when her husband told her in hospital the next day he had showered the boy in cold water she was shocked.

She had found her son limp tied to a chair in the shed and unresponsive.

7. Ireland has had its first gay wedding.

After this year’s historic vote allowing same-sex marriage in Ireland the first couple to wed have tied the knot

Richard Dowling and Cormac Gollogly who have been together for 12 years and engaged for five, became the first gay couple to tie the knot in Clonmel in County Tipperary.

It’s great to be the first to do it,” said Cormac told The Irish Times. 

Ireland began recognising same sex marriage on Monday, following passage of the Marriage Act 2015.

The first couple to wed under the new laws  had a “simple ceremony” followed by lunch with friends in Dublin.

“Richard and Cormac are now going to seal their marriage with the giving and receiving of a ring. A ring is an unbroken circle – it has no beginning and no end. It symbolises unending and everlasting love and is an outward sign of the lifelong promise that you have made to each other,” said Mary Claire Heffernan, Senior Registrar for South Tipperary.

8. The word of the year is.. not even a word.

The word of the year.

Oxford Dictionaries has declared 2015 the year of the “Face With Tears of Joy” emoji. It beat out competition like Dark Web, on fleek, lumbersexual, and the pronoun “they.”

Mark Gwinn, one of the editors compiling Australia’s Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year shortlist, said it was chosen over emojis like the painting nails and the unicorn because it is the most popular.

“According to the Oxford database it represents some 20 per cent of all emoji use in the US and the UK – the UK particular,” he said.

Didn’t even rate a mention.

In second place was the ‘Face Throwing a Kiss’ emoji.

Crowd favourite Smiling Poo didn’t rank as a front-runner.

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