Inside the $7 million mansion the Obamas are swapping the White House for.

After eight years the Obama family is downsizing.

In January, Barack, Michelle, Malia, Sasha and their two dogs Sunny and Bo will be relocating to something a little smaller, you know, more subdued.

A quaint US$7 million mansion in Washington DC.

While most former presidents like to get as far away from their former residence – the White House – after a stressful tenure, the Obamas will be sticking around in this rented suburban home so Sasha can finish school.

The 762-square-metre eight-bedroom home has hardwood floors, a terrace, a garden and a, um, turret?

It also has 8.5 spa baths, according to the real estate agent, The McFadden Group, which is arguably a selling point AND a physical impossibility.

Check it out:

Like, the decor could probably use some work – a colourful throw rug wouldn’t hurt is all we’re saying –  but we have a feeling Sunny and Bo will probably adjust.

Into it. Source: Wikipedia

Images: The McFadden Group