Before her wedding, Roxanne decided to have an "orgasm shot". It saved her sex life.

For seven years, when she was between the ages of 24 and 31, London woman Roxanne Macias was stuck in a “relatively sexless” relationship.

Throughout her relationship with the man who was 10 years her senior, the couple’s sex life slowly dwindled, and in the last three years they barely had sex at all.

Speaking to The Sun, Roxanne said that although the lack of libido occurred on both sides and the split was a mutual decision, the relationship and the lack of sexual activity had “shattered” her confidence.

“The lack of sex meant that I felt devoid of any femininity and as a result my confidence was low,” she said.

Roxanne Macias O-Shot
Roxanne Macias used an usual procedure to improve her sex life. Image via Facebook.

So when in 2015 she met the man who would eventually become her fiancé, Vincent, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Still bothered by her lack of libido and an inability to have multiple or prolonged orgasms, Roxanne turned to a nonsurgical treatment, dubbed the 'O-Shot', that claims to increase the size, and therefore the sensitivity, of the G-Spot, clitoris and labia.

During the 45-minute long procedure, performed by Dr Shirin Lakhani at her clinic Elite Aesthetics, Kent, blood was taken from the 35-year-old's arm.

It was then spun to isolate the platelets "responsible for rejuvenation and repair" before it was injected back into the walls of her vagina and clitoris.

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The infusion of white blood cells is said to increase lubrication and the sensitivity of the area, allowing a patient to reach climax more easily.

In theory, it's not unlike the 'vampire facials' that have become popular among Aussie celebrities like The Bachelor's Keira Maguire and radio host Kate Langbroek, in which blood is "harvested" from a patient's body, before it is incubated, centrifuged and re-applied to the face.

Within a couple of hours, Roxanne told The Sun, she could already see the positive results.

"I began to feel tingly down there and Vincent noticed very quickly because it allowed me to achieve multiple prolonged orgasms – something I hadn't been able to do before," she said.

"It also improved my libido."

Roxanne said the treatment increased her libido and allowed her to achieve multiple prolonged orgasms.

The O-Shot was developed by UK doctor Charles Runels, who credits the 'invention' to a lover who walked into his office one day and demanded he inject her clitoris as a Valentine's Day present.

"The next afternoon, she came to see me, and her orgasms came more quickly – very strong, ejaculatory orgasms," he told The Guardian in 2016.

"The passion, the thunder, the sounds that she was making... That's when I thought: I should try this on my patients."

Dr Runels trademarked the O-Shot in 2011, and since then, more than 200,000 women have undergone the procedure, which Runels estimates has an 85 per cent success rate.

Roxanne Macias
Roxanne Macias and her partner, Vincent, noticed the results almost straight away. Image via Facebook.

The O-Shot can only be administered by Dr Runels one of the 500 plus practitioners he has trained since the procedure's invention.

According to the O-Shot's official website, 14 practitioners in Australia are able to administer the treatment.

For Roxanne, the treatment was so successful she went back for a "top-up" treatment late last year.

With a wedding to Vincent planned for later this year, the bride-to-be isn't looking back.

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