When you're presenting the weather and accidentally drop the C-bomb. Twice.

If there’s one truth more universal than the rest, it’s that live television and sleep deprivation do not mix.

Just ask TVNZ weatherman Matty McLean, who attended Adele’s New Zealand kick-off concert in Auckland on Thursday night and had a banger of a time. So much so, that he was still feeling a little worse for wear when he took to the air at 6:06am the following morning.

nz reporter swears on live tv
Reporting the weather is hard work, okay? Source: NZTV.

“Hello, it’s me, but it’s a different me because I’m a changed man after last night. Adele was incredible,” McLean began, paying reference to Adele's hit song.

“I’m sure we’ll talk about her throughout the morning, but first let's check out what is happening around your c***," he said, quickly adding, "ah, the weather with your c***."


Taking a moment, he then said, "the weather with your country? The country with your weather."

Laughing, he added, “I’m sorry, it was a long night. I was home late, and it's Friday as well, but anyway, we'll get into your weather and see what's happening.”

nz reporter swears on live tv
The moment you realise you just swore on live television. Twice. Source: NZTV.

Wow, that is beyond awkward. But also very, very hilarious.

McLean is a relatively new member of the TVNZ family, but thanks to his sleep deprived stuff-up, he's sure to be a household name in no time.

Have you ever let slip a swear at the worst possible time?

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