You can now buy Nutella lipstick and by god, we're salivating already.

Nutella lovers, Christmas has come early.

You can now buy Nutella lipstick – and no, we’re not just talking about smearing the chocolate-hazelnut spread all over your lips. Although that’s not a bad idea…

Quirky dessert-inspired makeup brand Beauty Bakerie has released a range of Nutella-scented lipsticks and we’re salivating already.

Image: Beauty Bakerie

The products are available in a collection, containing four different nude shades - Nudi-Tea, Skinny Dip, Birthday Suit and Bake it Naked.


The Nude-tella (geddit?) range is the same formula as their other, very popular lip whips which are light with a matte finish.

The brand is also vegan, toxin-free and waterproof.

Image: Beauty Bakerie

The bad news? While the set is available to order in Australia, it will cost you almost $80 for the pack and a further $20 to have it shipped here.

It may just be easier to grab that jar after all...