Man buys Nutella-filled donuts but finds their chocolately goodness is a lie.

After a long, hard day’s work, all you want is a bit of a sweet treat.

Perhaps a finger bun from your local bakery. Maybe a glass of chocolate milk.

Or maybe, like Reddit user Ghos5880, you head to your local supermarket to buy a packet of mini, chocolate hazelnut donuts to devour with a nice hot cuppa.


The world’s love of Nutella is well-documented (especially mine #unashamed), so you can imagine the complete and utter outrage that Ghos5880 felt when he bit into his Nutella-filled treat to find…hardly any Nutella at all.

nutella donut
nutella donut
nutella donut

Clearly, not wanting to deal with the pain and suffering alone, he turned to his friends on the Internet, sharing the shocking image online with the caption, "I've never felt so robbed."

Ghos5880, we feel your pain. This is...THE WORST.

Many others were also feeling the same: His post has amassed more than 1,100 comments in the two days since it was posted online.

"That is criminal," wrote one fellow Nutella-addict, while another added that the Prime Minister should be notified of the "bloody outrage."


"This is the definition of un-Australian," wrote another, to which we say TOO RIGHT, MATE.

Then, of course, the puns came flooding in. Because how else do you deal with an utter tragedy such as this without a bit of humour?

"Looks like they're nutella-ing you the truth," one smarty pants wrote.

Another simply captioned the snap, "No-tella."


Here's hoping Ghos5880 eventually got the chocolatey-filled donuts he well and truly deserves.