Five gadgets for the best 21st century baby nursery.

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As we all know, technology is ever-changing, and one place I’ve definitely found that to be true is the nursery. I’m currently pregnant with my fourth child and with three months to go, I decided it was time for me to start putting together somewhere for the little one to sleep.

Now I don’t have a large age gap between my kids. Four under six is sure to be a challenge, that’s for sure. But I can tell you that even in the six years since my first son was born, the technology and gadgets available for the nursery have come so far that I’m having to Google products and reviews like a first timer.

I’m excited to be putting together a nursery for a new bub, simply because there are so many fantastic products on the market now that just didn’t exist with my other kids.

Here is a guide to the best baby-related tech gadgets that no self-respecting 2017 baby can be without.

1. Protective intelligent socks.

Smart tootsies. Image: Owlet.

These smart socks from Owlet would be perfect for any parent but especially for those who may have a little one born prematurely or with some health complications.

Concerned parents get a little peace of mind using pulse oximetry (I had to look up exactly what that was), which tells parents information about their baby's heart rate and oxygen level through the use of an easy-to-wear sock.

The information is then sent to parents via smart phone technology, and should the situation arise where your child gets into trouble, a base monitor with lights and sounds alerts mum and dad to the situation.

2. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link purifier.

A quiet little helper: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link purifier. Image: Supplied.

We all know that little ones have very delicate respiratory systems, so one of the best things you can do for them (and yourself) is to set up a clean and pure sleeping environment.

The new Dyson Hot+Cool Link purifier allows parents to safely purify, heat and cool your baby’s room automatically capturing gases and 99.95 percent of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants.¹ Parents are able to control the Dyson Hot+Cool Link purifier using the Dyson Link app on their smartphone, and you can set the temperature in heating mode or switch to fan mode according to your preferences and the season.

I wish this was available on the market when my eldest son was born. After discovering that he was born with a small VSD (a hole in the chamber of his heart) I was constantly worried about the quality of the air that he was breathing as a small baby. To have been able to set up his room not only with the ideal temperature for babies but to also purify the air would have given me one less thing to worry about in those early days of settling into new motherhood.

3. Smart onesies.

Onesies with thinking powers. Image: Mimo.

To me this sounded like something out of The Jetsons, but in actual fact, smart onesies are a reality- available to real parents of today. Comfortable to wear for bub (they’re made from breathable cotton and are available in bodysuit and kimono style), with the added benefit of being able to give parents real-time statistics like sleeping status, breathing patterns and sleep positions.

Smart onesies by Mimo use sensory technology to give parents an update of exactly what is going on in their child’s bedroom with the aim of assisting to promote and improve positive sleep routines. They can tell you your child’s body temperature without you having to enter the room and wake them (great for light sleepers) and deliver the information straight to your smartphone- including the audio from in the room.

Best of all is that the onesies are easy to care for - machine washable and able to be put through a low cycle in the tumble dryer.

4. Baby rockers.

Rock that baby rocker, bub! Image: 4moms.

Baby rockers are an essential item, especially for those mums entering motherhood for the second, third and fourth time around (and any more than that and someone should deliver you a platter of food and kiss your feet!). They allow you to comfort your child and settle them while still being able to attend to other tasks and children.

Baby rockers have come a long way since my first rodeo and the one I am eyeing off now is the 4Moms Mamroo rocker, which uses technology to mimic the motions that a parent would naturally use when comforting a baby.


Traditional rockers and swings may feature one or two options for baby, whereas the Mamaroo allows parents to choose from seven pre-set motions including car rides and tree swing and find one that suits their child’s preferences. Not only that, but you can plug in your iPhone to provide baby with soothing music and sound.

5. New age thermometers.

Cherub Baby Digital Dummy Thermometer. Image: Nursing Angel.

As a mum I know all too well the fun and games guaranteed to play out when trying to take the temperature of an uncooperative child. However today's parents have their pick of several smart thermometers, all designed to make life easier when bub is unwell.

For the smaller babies, parents can now use dummies (pacifiers) with a built-in thermometer to give them an accurate reading of baby’s temperature. Seriously, sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones where you think ‘why didn’t someone think of that sooner’?

For other children who don’t take to a dummy, there are stick-on thermometers, temporary tattoo thermometers and infrared thermometers which allow you to take your child’s temperature without disturbing them - a problem many parents face when a sick child finally falls asleep! All you need to do is to point the sensor towards the right place on your child’s forehead for a reading.

These gadgets are just some of the best out there. What's your essential nursery gadget?

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Dyson

¹Particle capture tested to EN1822. Gaseous capture tested to JEM 1467 (acetic acid, acetaldehyde, ammonia) and GB/T18801 (formaldehyde, benzene) and DTM-003282 (NO2). Gaseous capture rates vary.