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According to numerology, 2017 is going to be a very special year.

In Western numerology—a practice created by Greek mystic and mathematician Pythagoras over 2,500 years ago—everyone has a numerology chart made up of seven “Personality Numbers” that relate to their personality and five “Forecasting Numbers” that relate to their future potential.

The practice operates on the idea that our lives are cyclical, and each cycle is a unique opportunity for personal growth and discovery. Some cycles are more favorable than others, so it pays to know which cycle you’re in so you’re fully prepared for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

You can tap into this insight by calculating your numerology forecast with your “Personal Year Number.” This number, composed of the month and day of your birth date, indicates the lessons, opportunities, and experiences you’ll encounter during an upcoming year.

Take this 60-second quiz to calculate your Personal Year Number for 2017 and receive your numerology forecast for the year.

Step 1: Add the month and day of your birth date to 2017. Be sure to write the full year (i.e., 2017 rather than just 17).

Step 2: Keep adding any double-digit numbers together until you get a single-digit Personal Year Number between 1 and 9.

Let’s use the birth date September 28 (28/9) as an example.

9+2+8+2+0+1+7 = 29
2+9 = 11
1+1 = 2 Personal Year Number

Step 3: Now, locate your Personal Year Number below to discover your numerology forecast for 2017. But keep in mind, there are five forecasting numbers in your numerology chart, so for greater accuracy, all the other numbers must also be taken into consideration.

1 Personal Year Number: New Beginnings, Action, Opportunity

This year is about new beginnings and making a fresh start. You’ll encounter new people, new experiences and opportunities so don’t let anything hold you back. Don’t let your fears and insecurities hold you back. Feel the fear and do it anyway, and take a leap of faith.

How To Make the Most of 2017: Be proactive, courageous and prepared to try new things. Figure out where you need a fresh start in your life then take the bull by the horns and make it happen. Strike while the iron is hot so you don’t miss your chance.

Potential Challenges To Prepare For: A fear of the unknown may prevent you from moving forward and making a change. If you continue to hold on to that which no longer serves you, the Universe may force a change upon you – so be proactive!

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2 Personal Year Number: Relationships, Balance, Emotions

This year encourages you to express your ‘emotional side’ as you work on improving your relationships with others. Obtain balance in all areas of your life and be patient through delays. This is also a year to develop your psychic / intuitive side.


How To Make the Most of 2017: This year it’s vital that you go with the flow and don’t force things to happen before their time. Work on things “behind the scenes” and stabilise whatever you started (or created) last year. Be patient and work on creating balance in your inner and outer world.

Potential Challenges To Prepare For: This can be an emotional year for some so you may feel hypersensitive – especially to criticism. Be co-operative, extra patient and tolerant and try not to over react. Address unresolved emotions or limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living a happy, harmonious life.

3 Personal Year Number: Self-Expression, Communication, Creativity

This year is a year to be social and have fun. Make time for friends, take a vacation, be artistic and creative and take up a fun hobby if you can. Self-expression is vital so express yourself as often (and in as many ways) as you can. Figure out what makes you unhappy then take steps towards changing it.

How To Make the Most of 2017: Loosen up and don’t take things too seriously. Be your authentic self, be honest, communicate your feelings, and learn to speak your truth. Discover what makes you happy and do more of it. Be childlike, joyful, and light hearted.

Potential Challenges To Prepare For:You may find it hard to focus this year and extra effort is required to complete tasks. Be self-disciplined, manage your time and monitor your spending. 3 accentuates the emotions so see the glass half full rather than empty.

4 Personal Year Number: Effort, Building, Planning

Build a solid foundation for your future by putting systems in place that will help you improve every area of your life. Extra physical, mental, and emotional effort may be required to obtain your desired results, but it’s well worth the effort.

How To Make the Most of 2017: Physical, mental, emotional, and financial stability are essential, so focus on your health, be optimistic, deal with issues from the past, avoid unnecessary drama, and plan your finances carefully.

Potential Challenges To Prepare For: This year is known for its obstacles and delays, so commit yourself to the job at hand and persevere to achieve your goals. Your dedication and commitment is being tested, so give it your all and the rewards will follow.

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 5 Personal Year Number: Progress, Movement, Change

This is a dynamic and action-packed year, full of expected and unexpected change. Anything can happen, and it usually does with number 5, so use this to your advantage by being adventurous. Take calculated risks and experience new things.

How To Make the Most of 2017: Be adaptable and flexible and go with the flow. Expect the unexpected and get out and about. Life is encouraging you to move forward, take action, and make changes. It’s an ideal time to network and promote yourself.

Potential Challenges To Prepare For:5 is a scattered energy so extra effort is required to remain focused, grounded, and stable. Try not to take on too many things at once. Self-discipline and moderation is the key. Be mindful not to overindulge or partake in excessive behavior.

6 Personal Year Number: Love, Family, Domestic Responsibility

Responsibility and sacrifice are key themes and your relationships with friends, family, and loved ones will require your attention. You’ll need to find the middle ground between giving to others and honoring your own needs.

How To Make the Most of 2017: Focus on making every relationship in your life the best it can be and have the courage to walk away from unhealthy associations with others. This is a very favorable time for singles to find romance, as 6 is the “love” number.

Potential Challenges To Prepare For: Relationship issues that have been brewing will rise to the surface to be resolved. Typically, this is a year where couples either make up or break up. This is the perfect opportunity to take your relationship to a deeper level of commitment and understanding or go your separate ways.

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"You’ll need to find the middle ground between giving to others and honoring your own needs." Image via iStock.

7 Personal Year Number: Introspection, Personal and Spiritual Growth

This is a slow and progressive year that encourages you to to slow down and take a step back to focus on focus on ‘mind, body, spirit’ and personal growth. In 2017, the more inner work you do, the greater your success in the outer world.

How To Make the Most of 2017: Your capacity for research and understanding is at its peak throughout the year; therefore, it’s a favorable time to study—especially anything that relates to metaphysics, analytics, philosophy, science, computers and technology, psychology, or conventional or alternative health.

Potential Challenges To Prepare For: You may not feel as motivated and social as you usually are and may prefer to spend quiet time alone. This is a slow and progressive year requiring patience so “let go and let God” and trust in Divine timing. Don’t force things to happen before their time.

8 Personal Year Number: Personal Power, Finances, Career

This year focuses on business, career, property, finances, and legal matters. As 8 is the number of karmic balance and manifestation, the outcome of this year is often in proportion to your life lessons, along with your efforts, attitude, and intentions over the past seven years.

How To Make the Most of 2017: This is a powerful cycle of manifestation where you can attract what you focus on the most, so focus on the positives and minimise your fears. Since 8 governs the Law of Cause and Effect, it’s essential that you live with honesty and integrity at all times.

Potential Challenges To Prepare For: For some there will be opportunities for recognition, expansion, and financial gain, while others may experience a reversal of fortune or financial loss. You’ll reap what you’ve sown in an 8 year, so be honest, hardworking, and compassionate.

9 Personal Year Number: Transformation, Completion, Endings

This year focuses on completion and transformation in preparation for new beginnings. A major part of this transformation involves letting go of the things in your life that no longer serve you—whether it’s a job, friendship, relationship, residence, mind-set, or behavior you may have outgrown.

How To Make the Most of 2017: Be courageous, optimistic, and strong, and know that all is well. Trust in the Divine plan; surrender to change; forgive others and yourself; and accept, let go, and move on when things don’t go your way. Despite it being a year of endings, it’s also a year of rebirth and compensation.


Potential Challenges To Prepare For:This can be an emotional year for those who fear the unknown or who find it difficult to adapt to change. As life is encouraging you to move towards a new beginning it may force change upon you to help you on your way. You must trust that you’re being led to where you need to be and all is well.

2017 is a “1 universal year” for everybody

Where you have a Personal Year Number that reveals the circumstances around you for the year, the world has a Personal Year Number also. This is called the ‘Universal Year Number’ and it is also known as the World Year Number. It is the sum of the numbers in the current calendar year added together.

2017: A Year of New Beginnings

Number 1 is all about “new beginnings, creativity, and opportunities” for future happiness and growth. It’s the beginning of a new 9 year cycle, therefore 2017 will encourage you to create brand new YOU and adopt new and improved ways of thinking, being, and living your life.

This is a year to take action. However, if your individual Personal Year Number is a 2, 4, or 7 that requires you to be patient and go with the flow without forcing things to happen, you may feel a little confused at times. The best way to navigate your way through this is to trust your intuition to lead towards the right action (or non-action) to take. The more grounded, balanced, and harmonious you are from ‘within’ – the clearer your guidance and intuition will be.

Either way, regardless of your individual Personal Year Number the 1 Universal Year will inspire you to set new intentions, build new foundations, and take steps towards creating a better lifestyle and future for yourself. Remember your attitude is the key! The mindset you adopt going into this year will set the tone for the remaining 9 years that follow. So ensure you enter 2017 with optimism, gratitude, and grace.

2017 is a year in which to:
• Embrace your individuality and uniqueness
• Become more independent
• Have the courage to walk a path less travelled
• Set intentions and establish future goals
• Put extra effort into manifesting your dreams into reality
• Familiarise yourself with the Law of Attraction, deliberate creation, and the manifestation process (I highly recommend the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks and Sandra Anne Taylor)
• Follow your passion
• Trust and surrender that synchronicity will lead you to where you need to be

Michelle Buchanan is a numerologist, speaker, teacher and writer who has studied numerology for more than 20 years. She is the author of the Hay House titles The Numerology Guidebook and Numerology (Hay House Basics) and the creator of the Numerology Guidance Cards. Michelle provides personal readings, workshops and seminars to clients all over the world. She is also a talented singer/songwriter and dedicated mother of two based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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