Yay, the universe is blessing us with good luck and fortune but only for two days.

There are two types of people when it comes to astrology. Those that are naysayers (you might want to click away now) and those that believe, even if it’s in an ironic, scoffs-behind-your-back kind of way.

And if you fall into the second camp, then congratulations, because according to Sydney-based astrologist, Pia Lehmann, the rest of today, November 27, and tomorrow, the universe is going to shower you in good fortune.

First a little bit of background information. Astrologically speaking, November 22 to December 21 is known as ‘Sagittarius season’, which means we can all expect to be imbibed with Sagittarius’ optimism, idealism, and truth-seeking characteristics. However, today and tomorrow will be different.

For two days only, Jupiter – the “bringer of luck” – and the sun will align, which amplifies the planet’s fortuitous ways. Good opportunities will flow and you’ll feel luckier and more optimistic, especially when it comes to “money and wisdom,” says Pia.

But you have to take advantage of these opportunities stat, because the good vibes will begin to diminish from Thursday onward.

“Jupiter is the planet of expansion, good fortune and of luck, and for today and tomorrow it will also be joined by Mercury and the sun,” says Pia.

Astrological terminology aside, pretty much this means you can expect an extra injection of optimism and luck as well as exciting opportunities in business, work, study, and travel.

“Mercury, the sun and Jupiter are all in Sagittarius for today and tomorrow, so it’s really about communication and the big picture and optimism and so on.”

So, how can you best take advantage of these two days?

According to the astrologist of over 20 years, the next two days are all about figuring out what you want in life, and defining your purpose, while taking advantage of any lucky opportunities that may come your way.

“Study, seeking the truth and making sure it’s your own truth and not influenced by someone or something else,” she says.

“You must be on a mission (another Sagittarius trait) to find out the source of things.”

It’s also the perfect time to open up a business or enrol in a new course, Pia instructs.

However, if you’re not feeling so flash, Pia advises you to try and find some source of positivity and start there.

“Find something positive in your life, even if your world is miserable, find some bigger picture. Elevate yourself above the earth and look at yourself as a small ant from up in the sky and all your problems will seem less big,” she says.

“Just go and be inspired by something positive.”

So you heard the lady – spread your wings, read a self-help book, start a business or go an invest in some stocks (each to your own), because the universe has got your back.

What do you think of this astrological reading? Are you for it or do you think it’s absolute baloney? Thoughts in the comments please.