Note to self: must practice lounging on floor in bra, knickers and heels as new career opportunity.

Victoria Beckham

They know how to work their undies those Beckhams. After Becks' bits were air-brushed ever so gently by Mr Armani in the last campaign, Posh is the next cab off the rank. In a new three year deal, Posh will get her gear off for 12 millions pounds. This is a huge relief to the folks at Hermes who are no doubt currently concocting a Birkin made out of the scrotums of newborn guinea pigs that they can flog her for at least 6 mil.

Victoria Beckham

A reminder of how Becks looked in his campaign…



And here are the handsome, body hairless couple with their gear on in Milan last week…

David and Victoria Beckham

[Thanks Jaz]


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