Not that there’s anything wrong with being a lesbian, you understand.

So. Have you seen the movie Juno? It’s about a precocious teenager who gets pregnant to her geeky boyfriend and then gives the baby up for adoption. It’s one of the few Oscar-nominated movies that doesn’t include psychopathic killers and violent death so I’m a fan. The star of the film is Ellen Page who was nominated for an Oscar last week. Didn’t win. Cute as.
Rumours are flying this week that she’s a lesbian. One blogger noted that when you google “Ellen Page boyfriend’, not many entries come up. Well, that seals the deal then! Case closed! She’s gay! Stick her on a Mardi Gras float and call it a day.
Another blogger noted that the person she took to the Oscars was a woman with short hair. Gay! Gay! Gay!
Ellen herself has come out (so to speak) on Saturday Night Live which she hosted last weekend, to do a very amusing skit on the whole subject of lesbians. See for yourself.

After the jump, an interview from earlier this year she did with Letterman. This girl is cool and WHAT a refreshing antidote to the Gen Y celebutards….

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