THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Cadbury announce downsizing of the family block.

Cadbury are knocking a bit off the old family block and people are doing their block over it.

The roller coaster down the confectionary aisle continues this week as Cadbury announced they’re downsizing their family sized block.

The purple packet of pleasure will go from 220g to 200g. One row less than currently on offer.

The company says Australian manufacturing costs forced it to choose between increasing the price to retailers or changing the size and since they are aware of family budgets, they didn’t want to increase prices.

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So how did they break it to the people? Did they hope no one would notice and just sneak it onto the shelves? Nope. They knew the canny consumer would sniff it out in an instant.  So they thought “You know what? Let’s own this.  Let’s not pretend it’s a health message, or spin it as “now with less sugar“.  Let’s be honest.  We’re a chocolate company and shit’s costing us more now and lets grit our teeth and hope people will understand.”

They posted this purpley penned letter on social media.

A “Change” is good as a holiday, right? NOT THIS TIME.

But the sweet talk didn’t seem to matter. Because it caused an ACHOCOLPYSE. And the people put their troll hair on and went a-hunting.

Donna couldn’t take it anymore and posted this drastic message with 34 people supporting her stance.

Don’t do it, Donna. Come down from the ledge.

It woke Loralie, who lay there in the dark of an early morn’:

4:30am wakeup is already hard enough. NOW THIS.

Jarad couldn’t BELIEVE the company had the audacity to operate like a ‘business’.

Like a ‘business’ you mean?

Michelle took the news well, all things considered.  But then she STUCK THE KNIFE IN ANYWAY with this laxatives barb:


And Katherine sniffed out an opportunity to convert these desperate, hopeless chocolate addicts to a “healthy” alternative:

Hopeful, Katherine. Very hopeful.

Not everyone lost their block, with many comments praising the proactive approach. Julie Bonanno said “Cadbury has been straight with the consumer and informed them! Cadbury is made in Australia…..and they employ Australian workers.”

Some jobs add value to the world. Others? Don’t.

The size change will come into effect in a ‘few months’ time’.  Which means we can prepare in advance by not having any more family members to share the family sized block with.

Brace yourselves, my little chocolate buttons.  For there will be more of this to come. World chocolate demand is outstripping supply and experts say we’ve reached peak chocolate.  It’s going to get more expensive, with more fillers, and less actual cocoa.

At least console yourself for the time being with the cheapest petrol we’ve seen in ages.