Why it's 'damaging' to charge your phone during the night.

Like 99.99 per cent of phone owners on the planet, you probably charge your phone at the outlet by your bedside table at night.

Am I right?

Well, apparently you and everyone else are doing their phones a huge disservice by doing so. Yes, experts advise we should stop charging our phones at night if we want our phone battery to last.

John Bradshaw at Cadex Electronics told Time magazine that over time this habit contributes to the decay of your phone’s battery, meaning it slowly loses its ability to hold charge and shortens time between charges.

But why?

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You may have previously heard this sentiment and the explanation that goes along with it: That once your phone reaches 100 per cent and is still plugged in it will become ‘overcharged’. The good news is, according to Bradshaw and another tech expert Time spoke to, this isn’t possible on modern phones. Many charges also have the tech to know when to stop too.

“No need to worry about overcharging as modern devices will terminate the charge correctly at the appropriate voltage,” he says.

No, the real reason (and this is where we get to the not-so-good news) is a little more complicated.

Basically, your phone will only take an hour or two to reach a full charge, so for the next six hours it’s hooked up unnecessarily. During this time your phone uses a tiny amount of battery staying on, which your charger will then top up. It’s this so-called “trickle charge” which heats up your phone and over time, reduces its battery’s capacity.

“So when else am I supposed to charge it?” you ask. We hear you. We said the exact say thing.

Try plugging it as soon as you get home from work while you’re busy cooking dinner, spending time with your family, watching Netflix. An hour or so later it should be fully charged. Then, when you wake up the next morning, plug it in straight away for a top-up charge and take it off the cord as you head for work. It should be at or near 100 per cent (depending on how long it takes you to get ready.

Bradshaw also advises you keep your phone cool, and hook it up to the charger when it gets to around 30-40 per cent, not five.

Do you have a foolproof method for ensuring your phone stays charged?

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