Five of the best nostalgic TV shows that you can stream tonight.

Sunday nights are made for streaming, streaming, streaming… and pretending Monday isn’t happening.

To help you out, we’ve had a lil’ dig around Netflix and Stan and found five great old school TV shows that are perfect for chasing away the Sunday night blues.

There’s a couple of classic Aussie dramas and a teen show that’ll make you want to relive your glory years.

Get ready to binge on these bad boys:


If you haven’t already binged your way through the Underbelly series, prepare yourself for a goddamn wild ride through Australia’s seedy underground. There’s gangland wars, drug deals gone bad, and prostitution rings.

The first season (*cough* the best season *cough*) follows the story of the 1990’s Melbourne gang war which ended (kind of) with the arrest of Carl Williams, played by Gyton Grantley in the series.

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It’s worth a watch if only to see Offspring’s Kat Stewart playing William’s wife Roberta, and saying amazing things like, “Get off your own f**king a**s and get your own f**king chips”.

She should probably come with her own language warning.

All six seasons of Underbelly are streaming on Stan now.

Party of Five

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It's the TV series that launched the careers of Neve Campbell, Lacey Chambert, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Matthew Fox, and it's bloody 90s gold.

The series follows the life of the Salinger kids after their parents are killed in a car crash... there's five of them... hence the "Party of Five".

Somehow they all manage to keep turning up to school and paying the bills without parental supervision.

In a very 90s fashion, every episode features a drama involving one of the kids which is then wrapped up by the end of the episode with a nice lil' moral.

Did I mention Scott Wolf is in it? BE STILL OUR BEATING HEARTS.


All six seasons of Party of Five are streaming on Netflix now.


I still don't know what the actual heck happened in Lost. All I know is some people got stranded on an island and s**t got extremely real.

At one point there were dinosaurs? Or maybe not.

If you'd like to go back and watch Lost and then tell me what it's about, all six seasons are on Netflix.

Dawson's Creek

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We don't wanna wait... Image via Stan.

We don't want to wait until our lives are over to go back and watch this 90s goodness.

So it's lucky all six seasons of Dawson's Creek (Dawso's Creek, if you grew up where I did) are available on Stan.

God bless you, Stan.

The classic teen series follows the lives of Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen as they do the kind of things normal teenagers would never do. Like sailing out into choppy waters to save their friends from a 100 year storm, having an affair with their high school teacher, and getting locked in Kmart overnight so they can talk about their feelings.

The farshun is brilliant too.

McLeod's Daughters

This classic Aussie drama centres around, erm, McLeod's... daughters.

Possibly the most underrated feminist show of our time, McLeod's Daughters follows the relationship of estranged half sisters, Clare and Tess McLeod, who run the family farm, Drovers Run, after their father dies.

They fight sexism, droughts, fall in and out of love with their very good-looking neighbours, and basically kick some serious a**e.

It's so much more than branding cows and cleaning out troughs. Although they do clean out some troughs... but I digress.

Stan is streaming all eight seasons of McLeod's Daughters right now. Get on it.

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