Kim Kardashian has the same toddler problems as all parents.

When you think of Kim Kardashian, what springs to mind?

Reality TV star.

Celebrity with the selfie.

Kanye’s sidekick.

Entrepreneur, even.

Or everyone's eye candy...

Mother struggling to get her daughter to listen. Say what?

Turns out, even celebs have ‘issues’ when it comes to getting their kids to co-operate. Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram photos prove that she too has to deal with toddler tantrums.

There is justice in the world.

What North West wants to wear out. Image via Instagram.

Check out this image which she captioned, “The struggle is real! We cannot go out of the house like this!!! LOL!”

And then later, she posted this pic:

What North West was allowed to wear out. Image via Instagram.

“We compromised," she wrote next to it. Looks like Kardashian had to bring her best mummy bargaining skills to the table.

Parents all over the world breathed a sigh of relief. If Kim K is fighting a losing battle with her two-year-old over wardrobe malfunctions and sartorial style, then what chance do we, mere mortal mummies, have when it comes to our own kids?

Thanks for keeping it real Kim K. Us parents appreciate it.

As you might recall, North West recently celebrated turning two with a lavish shindig at Disneyland. As you do when you’re Kim and Kanye’s daughter. Decked out in a Mickey Mouse top and red ears, North was the belle of the ball with her cute Minnie Mouse face painting, while Kimye looked on adoringly.

SCROLL THROUGH the gallery to see pictures of North's recent second birthday party...

What do you do when you have to compromise with your toddler?