Am I normal? I want to pluck my daughter's eyebrows.

My daughter is suffering, and I could fix it so easily, but my husband says she is too young.

My daughter is only eight but she’s already such a mature little girl. She is an absolute delight in every way and as the first girl in a family of eight male grandchildren, she is adored by all. But she has a bit of a problem in the form of a monobrow, courtesy of my Greek heritage, and I desperately want to pluck it for her.

I was teased as a child for being quite hairy and now my daughter is being teased. It’s quite prominent and very dark. She’s beautiful, but because she’s still so young and so little, her eyebrows look too big and too thick for her face. I’m sure she’ll grow into them eventually but for now, if I could just give them a bit of shape, going to school would be so much easier for her.

My daughter sees me plucking my eyebrows and has asked if I can do hers.

But my husband says no. He says she is too young and that grooming like this should be delayed as long as possible. "Let her be a child," he said to me. But what kind of a childhood is she having when her so-called friends mercilessly tease her?

Maybe plucking isn't the answer. I do know a girl at her school who has her eyebrows waxed, for the same reason. Her mother just did it, without asking anyone, and now they get it done together once a month.

I know eight is pretty young to consider this but she doesn't have the eyebrows of a "normal" eight-year-old.

Whenever she comes home upset because she has been teased I just tell her to ignore them and that she is beautiful. If I turn around and pluck or wax her eyebrows, am I being a hypocrite? I just want her to be happy.

I need some advice. Should I just whip out the tweezers, or is she too young?

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