Introducing "orgasmic meditation," the controversial new sex trend.

Introducing “orgasmic meditation,” the controversial new sex trend that involves paying strangers to rub your clitoris.

But no, it doesn’t involve traditional sex work — and it’s not even about reaching climax (although that is one common, welcome side effect.)

Instead, it’s a spiritual practice dubbed “orgasmic meditation” — and it’s starting to prove popular across the world, according to UK news website The Mirror.

orgasmic meditation
The tutor strokes the woman’s clitoris for around 15 minutes (YouTube: 30 DAYS OF INTENT/The Chopra Well)

The practice, promoted by author and sex expert Nicole Daedone, does not take place in bed but in “nests,” sometimes with a group in attendance.

A typical session of orgasmic meditation begins with a woman undressing from the waist down.

“Before setting about the woman’s genitals, the tutor will “describe them in great detail – noting the colour, texture and shape,” according to  The Mirror.

The tutor then strokes the woman’s clitoris for around 15 minutes, focusing on around 10 different pressure points of the sexual organ.

orgasmic meditation
The practice can also reportedly improve women’s sex lives and help them achieve better orgasms.

“She may or may not go into climax, but that’s not the point, the point is to feel that connection and get that sense of deep saturation and pleasure in her body,” Daedomne explains in a YouTube video forming part of meditation series 30 Days of Intent.

The practice is also said to promote a strong spiritual connection between the subject and her tutor.

“Orgasm fundamentally roots our capacity for connection: hormonally, emotionally, and spirutially,” Daedone is quoted as saying in the video.

The practice, which has been compared to tantric practices by some, can also reportedly improve women’s sex lives and help them achieve better orgasms.

orgasmic meditation
Nancy Daedone coined the term “orgasmic meditation” about 14 years ago. (Photo: Twitter)

While the method was first conceptualised by Daedone 14 years ago, it’s received far more coverage since Daedone gave a TED Talk on the topic in 2011.

It has spread from San Francisco, where it was first popularised in a commune, to New York and straight on to London — where it’s now so popular it’s been described as a “craze” by one The Standard journalist.

But the intimacy practice is not without its critics.

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” To [some], it’s just a group of hippies getting together and finger banging,” FlyHeight reports.

“This is the perfect hustle. With some coconut oil and vibrator you can achieve the same result,” one YouTube commenter suggests of the trend, which costs around £147 ($279) a session.

“The things some men will go through just to get to 3rd base!” another weighed in.

“Sex isn’t that complicated,” another remarked.

What do you think of the practice? Let us know in the comments below.

You can watch Nicole Daedone’s TEDx Talk, which has been viewed more than a million times, here.

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