Noni Hazlehurst reads Go the F*ck to Sleep

Noni Hazlehurst, mother of two, and Playschool presenter for more than 20 years has recorded an uncensored reading of  Adam Mansbach’s genius book, Go the F*ck to Sleep for Text Publishing. Take a look:

Go the Fuck to Sleep – read by Noni Hazlehurst from Text Publishing on Vimeo.

You can get your own copy of Go the F–k to Sleep here.

Noni Hazlehurst says: ‘Clearly this hilarious book is intended for adults, not children. Traditionally we suffer in silence, unwilling to admit our helplessness. Adam Mansbach has struck a chord that’s reverberating all over the world. Hopefully this will encourage parents to be honest about the problem, find solace in the fact that they’re not alone and start swapping ideas that might work.’