Noah Centineo got catfished - just like his character in 'Sierra Burgess is a Loser'.

For Noah Centineo, playing a catfishing victim in the Netflix film Sierra Burgess is a Loser was a little too true-to-life.

You see, as the young actor revealed in a video interview with Young Hollywood last week, he too, was catfished, just like his character Jamey.

The interviewer asked Centineo and his co-stars Shannon Purser (Sierra) and Kristine Froseth (Veronica) if they’d ever experienced the heartbreak of being tricked by someone lying about their identity. And while the ladies said they had not, the 22-year-old admitted he had.

“Well, it’s just like, in this day and age, it’s near impossible not to be,” the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before actor began.

“I developed this, like, what I thought was like, you know, an intimate relationship with someone.

“And we were just like talking and really getting to know each other, and it turned out that they just were not who I thought they were. I still don’t know to this day who they were.”

Haven’t seen the film? Here’s the Sierra Burgess is a loser trailer:

Video by Netflix

In another interview with Buzzfeed, the actor details further that he was catfished via Instagram.

“It happened a year and a half ago. I met someone on Instagram and I developed an ostensibly intimate relationship with them and it turns out they weren’t who they were,” he said.

Hearing the young actor’s obvious discomfort talking about what appeared to be a truly painful experience certainly puts the events of Sierra Burgess is a Loser into harsh perspective.

In the film, unpopular high school student Sierra gets a message from footballer Jamey, who thinks he’s texting the most popular girl at school, Veronica. From there, she does nothing to clarify the situation, and continues pretending to be Veronica, letting Jamey fall for a fake in the process.

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